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As we have more editors joined who have another preferences over their favorites things, Indotechboy now has expanded its section into different categories which you can access from the top navigation menu. Slowly, I think this blog became a place with various niches rather focused into technology like from its earlier stage 😃.

Created just for spending spare times (a lot of spare time, thee hee 😀 ), I hope all information we wrote based on our little knowledges on this Site could become useful to everyone who seek and need it, especially those who come from search engine like Google (must be glad if our site could become popular in Google, 😀 )

And since the authors who joined here is not a pro on their fields, we are solely wrtiting the articles based on our passion and hobby. So please don’t hesitate to give us advice or critics if you think we were doing something wrong. Just hit the comments box!

So for the last words and for your beginning exploring Indotechboy, I as the administrator of this blog hope you had a happy reading on our posts on Indotechboy, Thank you for visitting!

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