Mizutama Honey Boy Manga Review

Indotechboy – Mizutama Honey Boy is a manga (Japanese comic) with gender bender – romance – school life – comedy genres authored and illustrated by Junko Ike that had been published in bi-weekly magazine Hana to Yume comics.

Volume 1 cover
Mizutama Honey Boy manga volume 0 cover

Mizutama Honey Boy story following a 2nd grade high schooler named Sengoku Mei who is an idolized student in her school whether it is amongst boys or girls for she being an ace in her Kendo sport. Although it is a routines for her being confessed to by other students, but this is the first time she feel overwhelmed when there are a boy named Fuji Shirou confessing to her. What make this a center of attention is that Fuji is not your everyday normal high school student, but he is a boy who is well known in the school for being a girly guy in many ways.

Mizutama Honey Boy manga info

titleMizutama Honey Boy
authorJunko Ike
genreGender bender, School life, Romance, Comedy.
statusFinished, 10 volume – 52 episode.

Mizutama Honey Boy manga review



Honestly, I as man when the first time I read Mizutama Honey Boy, what I feel was shivering seeing the behaviour and the girly personality of the heroine Fuji Shirou 😂. Note that Mizutama Honey Boy is labelled as Shoujou, so the main character here is the girl Sengoku Mei so Fuji Shirou is the heroine here.

Fuji and Sengoku at public place
Mizutama Honey Boy manga: Fuji and Sengoku together on public place.

But slowly I just took the girly personality of Fuji in this story is only as the main component that formed the comedy element in this manga story. What made it laughable for me is how Sengoku or the people arounds made their face when Fuji show his girly act or when he is crosdressing, their expression then turned out to be somewhat gloomy or feel really sorry for what they have seen in front of their eyes 😂.

The art in this manga is also quite good. After I finished reading Mizuta Honey Boy and the re-read the chapter 1, the art style is keep consistent along the story. Because I have read some manga (especially Webtoon) where the first and the last chapter could have a drastically change in the art style.

Sengoku and Fuji at Dolphin show
Finally Fuji found some(one/thing ?) that is cuter, more athletic, and smarter than him, LOL 😂.

Overall, Mizutama Honey Boy manga is entertaining with heavy comedy elements throughout the story. Although being labelled as Shoujou, but I as a real man 😂 quite enjoying the story plots because the story also heavily focused on the heroine here, Fuji Shirou.

Mizutama Honey Boy manga synopsis

Fuji and Sengoku
Mizutama Honey Boy manga: Fuji and Sengoku.

Sengoku Mei is a second grade high school girl who is the ace and also captain on the girl Kendo club on her school. Because of her masculine and frank personality, Sengoku became an idol that is not only the boys look over her, but the girls also are infatuated of her.

One day Sengoku get a confession from a boy whose she had been helped him named Fuji Shirou. Although it is a common thing for her getting confessions, but this is the first time Sengoku feel distracted because Fuji is a student that is well known at the school for being a girly guy.

Then the next time an incident happened, Sengoku was being stalked by a stalker and it is enough to made her being cornered, Fuji then came to face the stalker and successfully rescue Sengoku with his own way: The power of girly guy 😂. After the incident, Sengoku finally be able to slowly changed her opinion towards Fuji. So, where could be the story of the tough girl Sengoku and the girly guy Fuji will end up?

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