Asu no Yoichi! Manga Review – Young Samurai from Mountain who Descend to City

Indotechboy — Asu no Yoichi! is a comedy-harem manga (Japanese comic) authored by You Minamoto that had been published under Shonen Champion Comic.

Volume 1 front cover
Asu no Yoichi volume 1 front cover.
Volume 1 back cover
Asu no Yoichi! manga volume 1 back cover.

Asu no Yoichi! telling a story of Karasuma Yoichi, a young man that has been already an expert on his swordmanship at his current age 17 years old. For his 17 years life, Yoichi has been only spent his time to train on swordmaship along with his dad’s help. His daily life drastically changed when Yoichi’s dad give him an order to him whose did not have a single knowledge about outer world to deepen his samurai ways at a Dojo lived by four sisters located in a modern city.

Asu no Yoichi! manga info

title Asu no Yoichi!
author You Minamoto.
genres Comedy, Harem, Ecchi, School life, Romance.
status Finished, 58 chapters (2008-2011).

Asu no Yoichi! manga light review

Yoichi vs Washizu
Yoichi’s fight with Washizu, the city top delinquent 😀.

I think Asu no Yoichi! manga is a pretty interesting read to shake your stomach. Maybe the most heavy elements in this manga is the harem and ecchi. Although I’m not a harem / ecchi hunter 😂, but as long as there are still a good comedy in it then I must be interested to read the manga (as long as the story is not boring and I love the art style). So for the kids under 18 years old please stay away from this manga 😀.

Although the main theme and background story of Asu no Yoichi! manga seems about martial arts, but the martial arts or swordmanship element itself only there being lightly and seems only a decoration.

Yoichi and Ikaruga's sisters.
LOL… Yoichi’s clumsiness is too way over the limit 😂 .

The school life is one of the heaviest element in this manga, can be noticed from many arcs that took place on school festival events and how the conflicts struck between the characters revolves around high school teenagers problem 😀. For 17 years old lived on a remote mountain only with his dad, now suddenly Yoichi must change his daily routine as a high school student 😂.

From the harem element itself, along the story plots we will be accompanied with some light romance from Yoichi’s harem 😀. But still Yoichi is Yoichi, a clumsy samurai boy who will always getting nosebleed over every bust he touched or every panties he saw 😂 .

Washizu's vision
One of my favorite scene on Asu no Yoichi! manga: “Washizu’s Vision” 😂 .

The art style of Asu no Yoichi! manga is also pretty good and it’s getting better every chapters although there are things that became some kind of generalization amongsts the characters, some kind like repetition of attire characteristic to distinguish the new characters especially with the hair accessories. Not a bad thing, but probably could be boring at times.

The comedy is the main reason I could stayed read Asu no Yoichi! manga ’till the end (though everytime I make a manga review, I always sad the comedy is what made me interested 😀). How Yoichi’s behaviour with his clumsiness that always results on misunderstands (and most of the misunderstands always resulting ecchi 🤣), Washizu and his “Washizu’s vision”, or Tsubasa with her HD imagination 🤣.

Asu no Yoichi! manga synopsis

Yoichi and cops.
One of Yoichi’s quote: “Is it a crime to be different from others?” 😀

On a secluded mountain from the city life, there live a young samurai named Karasuma Yoichi with his father. For all his life ’till now, Yoichi only spent his time to train his swordmanship with his father on the mountain. As a result, now on his 17 years old Yoichi has mastered every techniques and even has surpassed his father’s skills.

Feels there are no more that could be teach to Yoichi, the father then sent Yoichi to descend from the mountain to learn more as a samurai at a Dojo owned by Ikaruga family that actually located in a modern city. For his 17 years of his life never interact with woman let alone with outer world, funny moments then happened everyday when Yoichi with his clumsiness about outer world started to live at the Ikaruga Dojo where only lived by four Ikaruga sisters.

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