Kuroshitsuji Manga Review

Indotechboy — Kuroshitsuji or also known as Black Butler is a manga authored and illustrated by Toboso Yana and was published in Squre Enix monthly magazine firstly on 2006.

Cover art
Kuroshitsuji manga cover art

Kuroshitsuji is a manga filled with blood, unsightly scenes and mild languages. I do not recommend people who under 18 years old to read this manga.

Kuroshitsuji manga info

title Kuroshitsuji. Alternative title: Black Butler.
author Toboso Yana
genre Action, Comedy, Gore, Historical, Mystery, Slice of life, Supernatural, Tragedy.
status Ongoing (2006 – now).

Kuroshitsuji manga review

Kuroshitsuji has the most unique settings and theme I ever read in a manga. The story took place in England around 1899 (If I’m not wrong) when the Europe renaissance and industry revolution are booming up. Up until this post was first published, I have read it to chapter 150+.

The characters and their personalities are also amazing and unique to each other. Each character has their own background story. Most of the story around the characters is revolved around dark tragedy, and the scene is filled with bloods. But actually we will not learn this true nature of Kuroshitsuji manga until we have read like 10 – 30 chapters though.

At first, we are being introduced with the characters by following the English aristocratic life of Ciel Phanthomhive. Honestly, I was started reading this manga because liked the comedy and that’s how I was thinking at first that Kuroshitsuji main story is about comedy – drama. But just like I said, I was not able to learn the true nature of Kiroshitsuji manga until some chapters: It is actually a heavy dark story of past tragedy and revenge, and also filled with gory scenes.

The author Toboso Yana also seems like a pretty knowledgeable person as Kuroshitsuji for me is pretty intriguing because it is trying to fit with the historical terms and events. And maybe this manga also deserve a “Cooking” label, maybe 😁 ? As there are many scenes involving cuisines every now and then.

Kuroshitsuji manga sinopsis

Not far from London, lies a great manor of Phanthomhive family with Earl Ciel Phanthomhive as the head family. Despite being so young, Ciel Phanthomhive who’s still 11 years old are already able to succesfully built his corporation network and made Funtom as the number 1 toy maker just after 2 years he became the head of the family.

Beside him, Ciel has a butler named Sebastian Michaelis that always with him everywhere he go and always obey every of his commands. Other people will think that Sebastian is too perfect for being a butler for he always be able to do anything without any fails, fulfilling his master’s wishes. Or even, Sebastian might be too perfect for being an ordinary human…

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