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Indotechboy — Uwaaaa… 😢 So here it is, another game I have beaten from my favorite game franchise Final Fantasy, this time it is a game which is a sequel (or prequel from the story perspective) from the legendary game Final Fantasy VII, it is Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP).

Zack Fair
Zack Fair. The main character of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII game.

After previously I have beaten the main game Final Fantasy VII on Windows, so it pushed me to also want to play another title of Final Fantasy VII universe because the story is actually pretty good. And this time, here I am finally done following the prequel story of Final Fantasy VII, the Crisis Core.

Below are the game info of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP and the device I used to played it.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII game and device info

game title Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.
publisher Square Enix
original platform Playstation Portable (PSP)
genres Action, Strategy, RPG.
size 1.6 GB (.iso)
played on Android phone: ASUS Zenfone Live L2 (PPSSPP v1.9.4).
emulator PPSSPP (Android | Windows).

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP game light review

Rating: 4/5

My opinion of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP game is that this game is pretty fun. With the new gameplay that is no more a turn-based, but this game rather is more to an action. But no problem for me, because the RPG elements is still heavy so basicly this game will give you enough joys if you came from the base game Final Fantasy VII.

Battle gameplay
Battle gameplay on Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP game.

The gameplay at a glance. This is a story of Zack which is a member of SOLDIER, a special elite troop formed by Shinra Company. Zack is a cheerful man, a little bit womanizer 😂, and he is a member of 2nd class SOLDIER who aims for the 1st class, which is the most elite group in SOLDIER rank.

Your daily life will start from the SOLDIER headquarter which is located in a top level of Shinra’s building at Midgar city and your task is to accomplish all goals where you will be sent by the company to critial spots where battles occured.

SOLDIER headquarter
Zack in the SOLDIER headquarter.

Beside running the missions which will reveal to the main story either sub-events, we can stroll freely around iconic places in Midgar city and interact with the citizens. A lot of side missions can only be unlocked after we talked or interact with certain citizens or Shinra peoples.

Running side missions can be really helpful to beat the main story of this game by raising Zack level and obtain items & materias where most of the time could not be found by following only the main missions. Following the side missions is also a fun activity because there are some kind like background story attached to them and it may will tickle us by revived some references like locations or characters from the base game Final Fantasy VII.

Open map
Usually a mission will involve to find a monster on the map, of course with random encounters on every of your step. Don’t forget to alse seek for treasure 🙂 .

There are over a hundred of side missions if not dozens that enough to make you busy for dozens of hours to completely beat Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII game. When I was beaten the final boss of this game itself, I kind like given up to all the side missions and straight to the main missions instead because of how of them like never runs out. At that time, it’s like only around 20% of side missions I have completed and the results, there are lots of DWM that is still unlocked.

The battle system. Like I mentioned earlier, the new battle is completely different from the original predecessor game, Final Fantasy VII. Give aside we now only controlling one character here which is Zack, the battle system now is more to a semi-actiob rather than turn-based. Personally for me who is a Final Fantasy fan, the new battle is kind like refreshing 🙂 . Well, maybe I feel a little bit lonely to run on battlefield alone now and not raiding together with a party though, but this is a life of a SOLDIER 😀 .

VS Genesis Avatar
One of a time consuming boss battle, the Genesis Avatar.

And another thing that stand out from Crisis Core Final Fantasy from the battle system is the DWM (Digital Mind Wave). In a fight the DMW will always keep spinning showing numbers and familiar faces whose has emotionally attached to Zack. If the DMW stopped at certain numbers then Zack will obtain some kind like temporary power boost or level up on certain equipped materia. If the DMW stopped with three same faces then Zack will perform special DWM attack related to the character face. Meanwhile if the DWM stopped at “777” numbers then Zack will levelling up.

DMW attack
One of Zack’s DWM attack, “Octaslash”.

With the DWM system, I think it’s obviously that Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII game are heavily shipped with fanservice. If you are a heavy fans of Final Fantasy VII, then maybe the battle system with the DWM in this game will sparkle your eyes 😁. Contrary for a new player to Final Fantasy series, maybe Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII game will be just an average game, except you are into a story-driven game and how the sweet of CG (Computer Generated) scenes offered in this game.

Opinion on Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII story

Cloud Strife
So our future main hero Cloud was someone who easily get motion sickness on a vehicle 😀

Hmmmm… How I could say this, maybe I think the story here in this game overall is kind like get too many made up. Other than the story plots, there are also some new characters introduced to the story (from the base game Final Fantasy VII perspective) and some “old faces” which of course involved along the story and missions.

Zack and Aerith
Zack and Aerith’s date 🙂 <3

At least I pretty satisfied from the side of Zack’s and the SOLDIER story, because on the main game Final Fantasy VII it is not touched many things about SOLDIER even Cloud himself the main character is the “ex-member of SOLDIER” 1st class. Now we could take a peek of SOLDIER life, so actually the SOLDIER members has still a lot of humanity inside them that like to joke, has friendship and each of them even has their own hobby and unique personalities 😀.

There is only one thing I feel a little bit down is that the relationship between Zack the main character in this game with Cloud our future main character that lacks of polish. With all the story plots that happened like that, why I feel like everything that happened is nothing more but accidents 😂.

Yuffie Kusaragi
So, Yuffie’s personality is already been like this since years ago 😀

And that’s wrapped up all of my review after I finished Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP game. Overall it’s pretty worth for this game to made to your playlist, and the more reason if you are a fan of Final Fantasy VII either Final Fantasy series generally.

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