Final Fantasy XII Manga Review

Indotechboy — Final Fantasy XII is an action-adventure manga authored by Gin Amou and was released on 2006. This manga is a direct adaptation to the game with same title.

Volume 1 Cover
Final Fantasy XII manga volume 1 cover.

Final Fantasy XII manga info

title Final Fantasy XII
author Gin Amou
genre Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural.
status Finished, 19 chapters ~ 5 volumes (2006 – ????).

Final Fantasy XII manga review

Vaan determination
While keeping the dumb attitude, Vaan’s character growth bit by bit. Well, it can be seen clearer from the full story of the game though.

It was so great reading a manga adaptation from one of my most favorite game title, Final Fantasy XII. Too bad though, so the fact that this manga was got cancelled.

From my perspective as a fan of Final Fantasy XII, this manga has one main reason it was being drawn: fanservice 😁.

Balthier and Vaan
Balthier: ‘Vaan… Where the hell did you hide to putting The Stone’ 😂

It is very funny to see Vaan, Balrhier, Basch, even the judges are creating gags and laughable scenes in the story. Also the fanservice could be noticed clearly from the female characters personality that is changed dramatically.

Fran became more friendly while in the game she is a dead serious person. Ashe became more feminime and we can see how Penelo see Vaan. Mostly the characters personality changes in the manga is fine for me, except with Ashe. Ashe became a so really feminime and helpless, blushing by only small details. For me what the author done to Ashe is just became a character assasination to Ashe’s strong and pure character from the game.

Vaan and Basch
One of cool scene in Final Fantasy manga that we not got in the game. It is really depicting the new bond between Vaan and Basch.

Too bad though the manga only covered the Final Fantasy XII story up to the Leviathan is destroyed. And the ending just, oh… How bold the author done that thing to Ashe 😣. It’s like the author was trying to say there will be no hope of continuation of this manga, because what happened to Ashe in the end is something really off of the story 😱.

Penelo and Vaan
The manga is clearer on showing Penelo’s affection to Vaan.

Extended Backstories

It’s great to see that this manga was not a cheap adaptation to just follow and draw whatever happened in the real story in the game. There is more things we can see in this manga, explained how things were happened before it took place in the main story in game.

For example Reks, from what I was understood in the game Reks was already dead on the night when the King being assasinated, but I later confusing when the liberation armies said Reks was lying about the King assassination. So this manga, filled that plot hole about Reks clearly for me.

And there are more backstories about the marry of Rasler and Ashe, Basch and his past, Vosler and the liberation army upheaval, etc.

Final Fantasy XII manga sinopsis

Vaan fight Garuda
Battle scene with Garuda.

Final Fantasy XIIT is a story that took place in a world called Ivalice, where magic is still a commonplace and airships are roaring through the sky.

Vaan, a bright and cheerful young man who dreams to become a sky pirate is now embark on a journey to an ancient ruins, The Tomb of King Raithwall. Together with his companions the sky pirates Balthier and Fran, The ex-commanders of Dalmascan army Basch and Vosler, and his best friend Penelo, they are trying to seek the the ancient treasure that might be able help their queen Ashe to restore the kingdom of Dalmasca to a peace and prosperity place like it was on 2 years ago.

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