Asu no Yoichi! Anime Review – The Pervert Country Samurai

Indotechboy — Asu no Yoichi! is an anime series adapted from the manga (Japanese comic) authored by You Minamoto with same title. The series was aired on the origin country on 2009.

Ending art
Asu no Yoichi! anime ending art

Asu no Yoichi anime following the story of a young man named Karasuma Yoichi who is excell on his swordmanship despite in his young age. But for the 17 years, Yoichi only spent his life on a mountain and never see outer world. Until one day his father give him an order, Yoichi finally for the first time see the outer world to train his soul more as a Samurai 🤔 ?

Asu no Yoichi! anime info

title Asu no Yoichi!
studio AIC
genres Comedi, Ecchi, Harem, School life, Martial art.
status Finished, 12 episodes (2009).

Asu no Yoichi! anime light review

Rating: 4/5

One of good manga adaptation anime from the story plots for me personally. So, Asu no Yoichi! anime didn’t trying to completely mimic from the manga, but it is just take the important parts and then expand it.

Yoichi drowning
So here it become if you live on a mountain for the rest of your life and never met sea 🤣

Because from many anime series that adapted from a manga I have watched so far, they just tried to follow what is given in the manga exactly the same. So the result, the story pace is kinda rushed and I was not get the feel and emotion from the characters 😤 . Fortunately Asu no Yoichi! anime didn’t make the mistake.

Asu no Yoichi! is also one of HD anime because it is inserted some 3D computer effects on its scenes (definitely not a plain image drawing).

Storythrough. Asu no Yoichi! anime more focused to comedy, and there are a little bit ecchi, harem, and supplemented by martial arts. How Yoichi always got nosebleed even with small things if it is related to girls is so hillarious for me 🤣 (but he is not purposely being a pervert, just accidentaly pervert 🤣). Although martial arts is the story foundation, it is not being touched deeply.

Tsubasa's vision
Funny scene 1: “Tsubasa’s HD vision”
Penglihatan Washizu
Funny scene 2: “Washizu’s dramatic vision” 🤣

Compared to the manga story, the 12 episodes of Asu no Yoichi! anime are covered up to chapter 16 of 58 chapters (Ibuki become a child as the point). There are lot of changes in the plots, but I am glad because I think a good anime adaptation should not trying to copy the source material but it just need to pick the important parts and being continued in the next season (of course if the sale goes well 🤣).

Overall, Asu no Yoichi is a light anime that just enough for our laugh material. It is not everyday anyway we can see a country samurai that got nosebleed everytime he is faced with girls 🤣.

Asu no Yoichi! anime synopsis

Karasuma Yoichi
The main character, Karasuma Yoichi

Karasuma Yoichi! is a samurai who has been mastered every swordmanship techniques taught by his father in his young age. It’s all thanks to the trainings with his father for his 17 years old on a mountain they live. But because of it, Yoichi also grown as a boy who never see or interact with outer world.

Because of how skilled Yoichi is, his father even giving up taught him for Yoichi is already surpassed him and there is nothing left to teach. Don’t want Yoichi’s growth stopped just there, his father then sent Yoichi to a noticeably modern city and live at a Dojo owned by Ikaruga family there to train more and deepening his soul as a samurai 😳.

Because how clueless Yoichi is about the outer (modern) life, there are just always a chance where a misundertanding will be made by him when he is living the new life. What’s more is how Yoichi is never interact with girls before, now he must live at the Ikaruga Dojo that in fact only inhabited by four sisters. So, will Yoichi can shape his samurai soul to the fullest 😂 ?

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