Gokukoku no Brynhildr: Impression and Opinion [Spoilers]

Indotechboy — Let me vent a bit on this post on one of a good series (manga mostfully, since the anime adaptation isn’t as complete as the manga) I ever read in my life, the painful dark fantasy of pure love 😢, it is “Gokukoku no Brynhildr” (GnB) or also known as “Brynhildr in The Darkness”.

Volume 17 and 18 covers
Gokukoku no Brynhildr volume 17 and 18 covers.

Look at the two last volumes cover above, it’s nice isn’t it? Or not 😷. Kazumi is also one of my favorite character, but what the hell the meaning of these two covers with that kind of ending 😂. Source: A Japanese blog, sorry I forget the address, just point it in the comment box if you feel you own the credit for this image.

Review scope:

  • Gokukoku no Brynhildr manga.
  • Gokukoku no Brynhildr anime.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr is a series filled with blood and unsightly scenes. I don’t recommend you who’s still under 18 years old to read / watch this series.

At first when read the manga, I thought I will not grown attached to this manga series because the art style is somewhat not giving me the “nice vibe”. But Gokukoku no Brynhildr was unexpected making me ride into a rollercoster emotion with the story and tragedy. Maybe this is also because GnB is the first “tragedy” manga I ever read.

Just read the first 10 of 181 chapters in total of the manga, the only thing waiting in front of us is nothing but death. It is really an emotional turmoil to see how Ryouta (MC) and the girls trying to live day by day while faced with fact they only have several days left to live. Well I kept reading it though despite the story is sad and the art style is so-so for me, thanks it is have a sufficient doses of humor here and there 😃.

It was really enticing me to see Ryouta and his magician harem little group trying to seek for ways so the magicians can live a longer and happier days. Dark future, but still they is a highschool students teenagers who want to enjoy and have fun in their lives.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr: Part 1 and 2

So I’d like myself to divide Gokukoku no Brynhildr (manga) overview into 2 different parts:

  • Part 1 which is chapter 1 – 100
  • Part 2 which is chapter 101 – end.

Part 1 is the most bloodiest and the characters journey are faced with despair everytime. The scenes are filled with actions and bloods and how the genius Ryouta try to use his brain to fight the enemies that trying to hunt down the girls. The story plots in part 1 for me is really enticing and squash deep my curiosity to see for next and next chapter.

Chie's death
One of saddest moment in Gokukoku no Brynhildr, Kotori’s escape background story.

The most sad moment for me of course Kotori’s death. Filled with dilemma, Ryouta in the end ejected Kotori to prevent her to be a murderer of millions people, taking away the sin of being a murderer to himself. The anime is different though, it’s Kotori who ejected herself. I feel more the sympathy of Kotori’s death in the manga rather than the anime. Well the anime is not bugged me much though, didn’t I said I am not placing a high hope in the anime 😁? Still, I’m grateful as a fan of Gokukoku no Brynhildr manga to see my favorite chatacters come to life, breathing and speaking 😁.

While Part 2, I feel like the story focus have changed a bit because there are more dramas and romance here. Not that I will say part 2 bad just like most reviews I read on many forums, because I have grown attached to the characters, Ryouta, Neko, Kazumi, Kana, and the others and happy because the characters are having less nightmare and more happy. The girls are not hunted down by other withes in every seconds just like in part 1, they already able to produce unlimited amount of pills to made them stay alive, and time for some lovey dovey with Ryouta and his little harem group 😂. Ryouta is indeed deserve his romance story for all his effort saving the girls many times.

Kuroha revived
This also one of I like from Neko after her memory is restored, she became this cheery and bright girl 😀.

But this just last some chapters though, because a new nightmare come, “Drasil” could hatch from the magicians anytime, anywhere, become a monster that eats every person in front of it including the host body, not exclusive to Neko, Kazumi, Kana, and Hatsuna.

Part 2: Everyone are given a new happines to their life

In part 2, it’s also something I can read where the author is giving the girls “a new happiness” to each one of them. Kana met her sister (too bad though, Kana’s sister only being introduced just to be slained 😢), Hatsuna has this new badass guy who crazy in love to her and later joined in Ryouta’s crew 😆. Neko and Kazumi, of course they has Ryouta 😆. We can see more Kazumi x Ryouta x Neko moments in this part 2 of the manga 😆.

Damn though I still cannot accept Makina making his sudden move and kissed Neko, our pure main heroine here. Though when Ryouta said “I won’t be a burden anymore…” to Neko on the school trip event, I was think it is a flag that it will be a Ryouta x Kazumi from now on, but the story just keep back and forth on which girl Ryouta will be really end with 😵. Not to mention I became more confused with the romance development when Kikka’s appearance as “Eve” that destined to be paired with Ryouta as the “Adam” 😵.

But in the end, Gokukoku no Brynhildr is ended with an open ending-harem in the romance development I think. As Ryouta is now the pseudo-God lived inside the EDDA accompanied with Neko, Lolli-Kazumi, Apollo (Nanami), and Kotori (I assume) from what showed in the last extra page in the last volume.

Last volume last page
The open ending-harem of Ryouta, Neko, Loli-Kazumi, Aphrodite (Nanami), and Kotori in EDDA.

Note the girl behind the rock is sure are Nanami in her Aphrodite form. The shadow on bottom left is Kotori, judging of her long Rapunzel hair and ahem… big boobs 😖. As for the little girl is Kazumi, could be noticed clearly from her hairband and also the inside joke between these chatacters. Here below I’m using Google Translate as much as I can to translate the last page (reading direction are from right to left):

• “You are…”
• “What!? You don’t even understand that!!”
• “As a little girl…”
• “That size of the breasts…”

I also have read from one of Reddit forum member translated those lines, and it’s not much different from the result I translated using Google Translate above. More or less, it’s the inside joke where Ryouta always make fun of Kazumi being flat-chested 😂. As why Kazumi is appeared in child form in EDDA, many theories can be proposed but the theory I like is: When Kazumi sacrificed herself to wipe out EDDA, she was uploaded herself to EDDA because she knew that Ryouta actually will be there, but Kazumi did not have anymore time left as she did it when dying, thus she only be able to did it like 30% or 40% 😂.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr: The plot holes

Ryouta and co. study together before the exam. Kazumi: ‘Murakami, I want your virginity as the prize if I could end up in top 2 rank 😂’

Gokukoku no Brynhildr is really one of memorable series (especially the manga). It gave me a new experience by trying something new because I never read any tragedy or dark story like this before. Unfortunately the ending is not so appeasing for me personally. I also found that Gokukoku no Brynhildr could still go for more chapters as there are many plot holes left unexplained. Here are some I covered:

  • Adam and Eve. In the arc where Murakami being kidnapped to Vingulf’s base, Ryouta’s father has planned a meeting of Kikka, the junior high school whose Ryouta tutoring to as Eve and Ryouta as the Adam. Since Kana, Hatsuna and Kazumi breached the Vingulf’s base to save Ryouta and Neko, Kikka was then being left just as it is without anymore hint how is her condition after that. The explanation why, from so many girls in the world 😂 Kikka has been selected as the Eve is also left unexplained.
  • Ryouta’s Mother. At first I met (literally 😃) Ryouta’s mother with her unusual attitude and personality, I have a strong hunch she will be an important character in the future. And then when Ryouta been kidnapped by Vingulf, Kana, Hatsuna and Kazumi visitting Ryouta’s house only to met an also puzzled Ryouta’s mother and she said “Oh no, this is bad…” with unusual serious look on her face. And the next day, Kana, Hatsuna and Kazumi easily breached to Vingulf’s base and what? They are holding a long rifle guns. This time also, I have a strong hunch Ryouta’s mother has some important role and she was the one who gave the girls guns. But in the end, Ryouta’s mother background also being left in the dark without any trace. Only Kogoro, her brother lucky enough to be appeared as the saviour for Kuroha and Ryouta to be able to meet again.
  • Hexenjagd. Hexenjagd origin is also left in the dark. We only know they are a small number of resistances who opposes Vingulf, and that’s it. But how they are formed, why they have the “Initializer” is unknown. Definitely, Hexenjagd for me is too damn cool to not having a background story. What’s more they seems not took any roles at all when there are a group of highshcool teenagers out there trying to beat a huge shadow of giant to save the humanity from extinction 😂.
  • Untouched Germany. The source of all this mess is actually reside beneath Germany land, where aliens ruins was first discovered 100 years ago. Kogoro was be able to locate the suspicious associations related to alien research activities that located in Germany after his clever (read: wicked 😅) plan by making use of the U.S.A innocence. And at the same time Kuroha also been kidnapped by Makina to alien ruins beneath Germany. Too bad the story not expanded Ryouta and co. journey to the country.
Kuroha and Ryota arm wrestling
Ryouta: There’s no way I was beaten by this kind of thin muscle 😂

So that’s it my final impressions and opinions about Gokukoku no Brynhildr. I found myself pretty like the manga and am sure it would be fun to reread it again in the future. For the anime I’m not placing a high hope though, as how it was ended and it’s been years now since it ended. Gokukoku no Brynhildr: Trully a rollercoster emotion of dark-tragedy, love, and comedy 😃.

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