Let’s Play Final Fantasy VII [PC] (Finished Impression)

Indotechboy — Pheww… Finally I have beaten this game, the seventh… I mean it’s Final Fantasy VII 😀. Since I first knew Final Fantasy (The first one I ever played was Final Fantasy XII), I am loved the game at no time and finally was able to knew that Final Fantasy is a big game franchise with long history, I then became obsessed to be able to beat all of Final Fantasy series (at least the main series), and now here I am after finished the seventh final fantasy vii on my windows tablet.

Battle screenshot

Just for achiving purpose, here it is the game and device I was using which I have finished the game:

game title Final Fantasy VII.
platform Windows 10 LTSC 32-bit.
device Advan Vanbook W80 tablet (Intel Bay Trail processor, 1GB RAM).

Final Fantasy VII is one of most frustrated game, at least near the end

Actually Final Fantasy VII is one of quite easy game, but just in the beginning of the game 😝. Well, I have played Final Fantasy I – VI and XII, it is not so surpised for me though. But really, the final stage or known as part 3 of the game is most frustrating.

FFVII all playable characters
Ahhh… One of wonderful memory… Final Fantasy VII all party members together at Gold Saucer.

I mean, once we enter the Final dungeon to beat Sephiroth, we need to prepare like 1 to 2 hours spare time before to be able to beat it. There is no luxury like save point every 15 minutes here. In fact, there are only 1 save point and it is we choose it where it must be used. In this case, there seems like no hope to beat the final dungeon and meet Sephiroth if we playing it like between another activities in our real life.

The monsters in the final dungeon are also terrifying. When I entered the final dungeon, my party is between level 59 – 63. There is no chance anymore to enjoy the battle phase like “oh attack, oh attack doesn’t effective then magic, oh my party hurt then cure!”. Every battle instead will consume a large amount of MP and must be done in several turns, or instant death!

Tifa vs Scarlete
I remember Final Fantasy VII also one of most funny RPG filled with humorous plot twists. This is one of the best, Tifa vs Ms. Kyahaha (I mean, Scarlete) slap fight 😂

Not to mention another surprising “journey’s twist” that appeared in the final dungeon where the party must split and then split and then split and then split… Just kidding, not so many times party splitting, though it still make a decent hurdle for me because it made my head spinning harder to think and rearrange the Materias and equipments 😵.

The annoying Sephiroth’s Supernova

Final boss
The final battle with Sephiroth. Sorry it is an unsightly scene (Dead’s Cloud), but it’s the only screenshot I have 😂

I don’t know If this more to anger or funny, but really the last battle with “Sephingel” (Sephiroth in Angel costume 😃) is so annoying. Ok, this is the last boss, it will and must be hard but once Sephiroth perform his supermove, the “Supernova”, then the CG animation played where the planets are destroyed by his magic and the magic are come to earth and finally hit the party, boom… To wait for CG animation to finished, I kind like be able to make some coffee, buy some snacks to supermarket, brushing my teeth and finally the Supernova hit the party 😂. You know what’s more annoying for me? For all the effect, the Supernova is not so terrifying at all because it only hit like 1/3 of the party HP 😂. In fact, another Sephiroth’s supermove “Angel’s Tears” is way more scarier, with the cute and short animation it left the party with 1 HP once it hit 😀.

Final Fantasy VII: The ending

Warning! Below of this content may contains spoilers.

Final Fantasy VII plays safe with an open ending for my opinion, what’s safe? Of course with the ending like that, Final Fantasy VII is a safe project for the game maker, here Square Enix as one of its money maker in the future 😁.

Last CG movie
The last CG movie after Cloud beaten Sephiroth.

After whole the ruckus Sephiroth and his meteor did, the planets has been saved thanks to the Holy magic that Aeris made with her sacrifice and the planets that decided to use its lifestream to protect itself from total destruction. No clue or hint about Cloud and party have been survived after the incident, and why Aeris is shown on the last cut of the CG movie after the final battle? The only thing I can think of is nothing but an “open ending”. The post-credit CG movie showed Red XIII and his happy family are running to visit the Midgar that have been changed into lush forest-ruins with 500 years gap.

Aeris CG movie
Aeris’s last CG movie.

And the safe open ending is proven years later now with Square Enix brang back the Final Fantasy VII onto different projects from Advent Children Movie, Before Crisis (PSP game), Dirge Of Cerberus (PS2) and now, the Final Fantasy VII: Remake on PS4 😂. I hope Final Fantasy VII: Remake could expand the world of original Final Fantasy FROM Before Crisis up to Dirge of Cerberus and Advent Children into a package of a game because it will be really cool.

So I think that’s it all for my final impression of Final Fantasy VII which I played and finished in these recent couple of days on my Windows 10 tablet PC. One of a joyful ride, thanks Square Enix. Next ride then will be… Final Fantasy VIII, or… Before Crisis 😕?

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