Playing Final Fantasy XII – Revenant Wings NDS on Android (Review)

Indotechboy – On this post I will make my review of another game from my favorite series, Final Fantasy, this time is the Nintendo DS (NDS) game which is the sequel to Final Fantasy XII itself, which is Revenant Wings. Yes, looking from the story itself, Revenant Wings no doubt is the sequel to Final Fantasy XII.

CG Scene of Vaan & Penelo
One of CG scene of Vaan and Penelo 😀

Compared to the origin Final Fantasy XII game which was released on Playstation 2, Revenant Wings has a lots of differences in the gameplay itself (of course the main reason would be the console power 😀). But as a fan who has quite a special impression on Final Fantasy XII’s game (because it is the first Final Fantasy title I have ever played), it would be too shame if I don’t give Revenant Wings a go.

Final Fantasy XII – Revenant Wings game info

title Final Fantasy XII – Revenant Wings
publisher Square Enix
original platform Nintendo DS (NDS)
genre Strategy, RPG.
ROM size 128MB (.nds)
emulator DraStic (Android), DesMuMe (Windows).

A quick review of Final Fantasy XII – Revenant Wings NDS

Rating: 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐✴️

As a fan of Final Fantasy XII, for me this game is quite good and worthy of being a collection for lovers of Final Fantasy games. Revenant Wings itself is a part of the “Ivalice Alliance”, a project of games released on the Nintendo platform which takes place in Ivalice universe.

Typical battle
Typical battle in Final Fantasy XII – Revenant Wings NDS

Gameplay. Overall, Final Fantasy XII – Revenant Wings NDS gameplay is quite different from the origin game even though in this game there are several terms that are brought from the game predecessor such as “Gambit”, the ultimate move of “Quickenings”, “Quest Board” where we can run side quests, etc.

As the main gameplay, we will control Vaan who is now the “captain” of his own Sky Pirates crew flying his airship. Mainly the members of the old party will return and there are some characters who used to be only cameos but now have grown up and are part of the Vaan’s crew.

Strolling inside airship
Don’t forget to talk to the characters on the ship. Many side missions can only be unlocked after talking to certain characters.

Player can explore the map of one of part of the legendary “lost sky continent”, Lémures to follow the main storyline and also revisit these locations to levelling up party, gather materials to make weapons, or running side quests.

The term “Gambit” (automatically using skill / magic ) also returns in this Final Fantasy XII – Revenant Wings NDS game even though it is now much simpler because the skills and magicks of the characters are much reduced.

There is also the typical “limit break” of Final Fantasy XII called “Quickenings” that we can use on each characters and like how a “limit break” should be, it is a limited usage of ultimate move which can turn the tide in battle. It turns out that most of the old characters have a new Quickenings in the Revenant Wings game.

Vaan's Quickenings
Vaan’s Quickenings, Pyroclasm in Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings NDS

The strategy element is very strong in this game. To finish the Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings effectively, we must consider various things such as determining the type of units to be brought into the battle, the advantages and disadvantages of the elements of the units, etc. An average battle will take amount 5-10 minutes.

Touch screen controls. In Revenant Wings game, players are also required to master the touch screen control of the Dual Screen because most of the game’s controls can only be executed via the touch screen. For those who play using an emulator application / program (I myself play on an Android smartphone) besides if your device itself support touch screen, it is also a good idea to play this game using a mouse as the Nintendo DS’s stylus replacement 😁.

Balfonheim's sky pirates
Still remember them? Yep, Reddas’s ex-Sky Pirate crews who have quite an important role near the end of the origin of the main game, Final Fantasy XII.

Overall the main storyline and the missions of game Final Fantasy XII – Revenant Wings NDS can be completed by all level of gamers, but there are also some side missions that are quite challenging for hardcore gamers .

A little synopsis of Final Fantasy XII – Revenant Winds NDS

Intro video
Final Fantasy XII – Revenant Wings NDS intro video

Ivalice is now in peace after the war that broke out some time ago. Vaan who lives in the royal city of Rabanastre which is now in the midst of post-war reconstructions, now is living his dream little by little becoming a sky pirate.

In the middle of his daily routines as a sky pirate which is treasure hunts, it turns out that the treasure Vaan found took him on a new great adventure that had a big impact on the Ivalice situation itself, which led him to the discovery to one of part of the said legendary lost sky continent, Lémures.

With his best friends, Vaan decide to form his own sky pirate crew and explored Lémures to try to uncover the connection between the treasure he found and the opening of access to the lost sky continent.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings NDS – first 9 minutes gameplay on my Android phone using DraStic emulator app:

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