Samurai Deeper Kyo Manga Review

Indotechboy — Samurai Deeper Kyo is an action – supernatural manga authored by Kamijyo Akimine and was published on the Shonen Jump weekly magazine.

Samurai Deeper Kyo Manga cover
Samurai Deeper Kyo Manga cover

Samurai Deeper Kyo following story of Mibu Kyoshiro, a medicine peddler who was travelling looking for a girl. One day, he accidentally met a beautiful bounty hunter, Shiina Yuya who was hunting for a legendary “1000 men killer” swordsman who is rewarded high for his head, Onime no Kyo.

When Kyoshiro and Yuya travelling together, a strange event then happened to Kyoshiro’s body. Kyoshiro began to collapse and lose control of his body, while all the last words coming from his mouth before he was collapsed is “Run, he is come!”.

Samurai Deeper Kyo Manga Review

title Samurai Deeper Kyo.
author Kamijyo Akimine.
genre 18+, Action, supernatural, history, comedy, ecchi, romance.
status Finished, 308 chapters (1999-2006).

Samurai Deeper Kyo Manga Review

Overall, I enjoyed reading Samurai Deeper Kyo Manga. On first 100 chapters, I found it very entertaining to see the action scene, while inserted by comedy here and there.

What makes Samurai Deeper Kyo more interesting is the fact it actually following Japanese warring era period. For myself who was played and love Samurai Warriors game by KOEI, I can noticed many popular characters in Japanese history appears on Samurai Deeper Kyo like Yukimura Sanada, Nobunaga Oda, Masamune Date, etc.

Samurai Deeper Kyo Manga chapter 2
Samurai Deeper Kyo Manga chapter 2, Kyo comes.

However I think, Samurai Deeper Kyo become like boring on the second of third from whole chapters as they dragged the battle scene to be as long as possible, and where they always repeating the same premise about how “Aura” is so important to a character in a fight.

But thankfully it started entertaining again on the last third part of the story, Samurai Deeper Kyo started to gave me unexpected turn of events on the last third part of the story.

And more notice that there are bloods, adult conversationa, and “safe naked” scenes. So I don’t recommend Samurai Deeper Kyo unlesa you are 18 years or older.

Samurai Deeper Kyo Manga sinopsis

On the last period of warring state era, amongst the battlefields, there exist a man who was known as the “1000 men slaughter” with his bloody red eyes, Onime no Kyo.

On the same time, Mibu Kyoshiro, a peaceful lover medicine peddler was travelling on his own searching for a girl. One day Kyoshiro met with a lady bounty hunter named Shiina Yuya, and Yuya then noticed there are two things from Kyoshiro that reminds her of characteristics said belong to Onime no Kyo, a man who is rewarded high for his head: The Yin-Yang mark on his back and the 1.5 metres katana sword that Kyoshiro is carrying.

After Yuya joined to travel together with Kyoshiro, one day a strange event happened to Kyoshiro’s body and he is started to collapse while muttering “Run, HE is come!”. So, what secret could be hidden from the coincidence Yuya found with Onime no Kyo characteristics in Kyoshiro, and this strange event?

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