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Indotechboy — Here it comes one of my most favorite series: “ReLIFE”. The first time I knew ReLIFE is from its webtoon / manga. And ReLIFE origin is indeed came from its webtoon authored by “Yayoi Sou” that was published weekly on Comico website. Later, ReLIFE got an anime adaptation and finally, now a live action movie, yahoo! 🎉

When I was read ReLIFE webtoon for the first time, I love it at that moment because the story is interesting and unique. Other than that, ReLIFE has a must have element on every comic / manga I read: comedy 🤡. And the comedy dose in ReLIFE series is enough to make my stomach shaking 🤣.

ReLIFE movie main casts
ReLIFE movie main casts

ReLIFE movie main casts

To have a live action adaptation, is of course are one of dream for every comic reader to their favorite series (the other dream is having an anime adaptation 😃).

ReLIFE live action movie info

title ReLIFE
genre Drama, romance, school life, comedy, memory wipe.
years released 2017
language Japanese

ReLIFE live action short review

Although this movie is an adaptation from its original webtoon / manga, but unlike the anime adaptation which has original plots just like in the webtoon, ReLIFE live action doesn’t have canonical plots from the original story.

Kaizaki amongst the highschool students
Kaizaki amongst the highschool students

To be the only grown up man surrounded by highschool students is… scary 🤣

Well well well, maybe this is the common trouble from a long episodes of a series then must be adapted to a movie form: the lack of duration 😀. Of course whole ReLIFE’s original story plots would not fit in just less than 2 hours duration.

For me who have completed read the webtoon and the anime 😤, I think ReLIFE live action movie can be better at many points.

Just like I mentioned about the different plots from the original webtoon story, ReLIFE live action in this case also has different ending. Some characters are removed (pretty important characters, because plots related to them also one of factor in building Kaizaki’s resolution), well obviously it’s because the duration they must be removed. Another important character, Onoya An is also has different role here. Unlike in the original story of ReLIFE where Onoya An has a role as a *that*, but too bad she here just become a *that*.

Because the ending is already different, as my personal thought as a ReLIFE fans, with the movie duration, I thought this movie will become much better for the supported roles conflict to be removed at once. I think this movie will be great if the plots here just need to focus more on Kaizaki’s conflict, and probably more romance plots with *her*.

Hishiro's trademark smile
Hishiro’s trademark smile

Here it comes… Hishiro’s killer smile 🤣

The best thing of ReLIFE live action. The coolest part of ReLIFE live action for me is the makeup artist 💄. This movie really knows how to make Kaizaki’s face in two age phases, his 27th and his 17th when Kaizaki drink the ReLIFE capsule. Although the capsule seems made no effect on Yoake’s face, he still looks the same on his older age and his highschool age, always has that cute-sadistic face 🤣.

A really hanging ending. Kaizaki finally found his life resolution at ReLIFE live action ending, unfortunately not with his romance story with *her*. Kaizaki’s romance with *her* concluded with open ending. Sooo hanging, have you ever watched Kimi no Nawa anime movie? And there you have it, the ending here is more irritating than that one 😂.

When I watched ReLIFE live action movie to the ending, and then when the ending scene came I kind like “What the hell, what kind of ending this is…” *throw my pc to the ground* 🤣.

Take good care of the time you have at this moment.

Kaizaki Arata

ReLIFE story at a glance

Kaizaki Arata is a 27 years old man, but until his current mature state now he still has to fight submitting his CV here and there looking for a decent job. Kids nowadays called that type of person as a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, nor Training), but the ancient manuscripts clearly described that type of person is called a JOBLESS or SCUMBAG (don’t forget the caps lock 🤣). What? “It’s like talking about this post’s author?” *Throw a brick * 🤬.

Yoake Ryo and the magic capsule
Yoake Ryo and the magic capsule

Yoake Ryo and the magic capsule 😃

But there is no cause without effect, Kaizaki was actually mentally haunted over his guilt feeling and regrets he got at his first job in the past. “Should I did not do that”, or “maybe everything will be different if I just standby and did not intervene”.

Kaizaki’s life and mental then slowly changes since Yoake Ryo, an employee from ReLIFE Institute laboratory offer him a chance to participate as lab rat subject from the institute experiment 😀.

In order to participate as a subject of the ReLIFE experiment, Kaizaki is required to spend (again 😆) his next 1 year as a highschool student, going to school and stuffs 😃. So how it’s feel to become the only adult surrounded by the cheerful highschool youths 🤣? Will Kaizaki’s life change after he finished the ReLIFE experiment?

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