Playing Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System on PCSX2 Emulator

Indotechboy — Are you a Final Fantasy fans 😀 ? Although Final Fantasy series now already spawned to many titles, even genres, but the most memorable Final Fantasy title for my life will always be Final Fantasy XII.

Why Final Fantasy XII is the most memorable one of all Final Fantasy XII for me? It’s because that is my first ever Final Fantasy game I have ever played. In other words, Final Fantasy XII is the one who introduce me to the vast Final Fantasy Universe 😀.

Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System game cover art
Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System game cover art. Source:

If I recall myself it’s when I was on my sixth grade elementary school I know Final Fantasy XII, just the right moment when I was crazy all over to the Playstation 2 at that time 🤣. But actually the Final Fantasy XII I will share on this post is a little bit different from the one I was played at my childhood, here the Final Fantasy XII has additional subtitle following it: “International Zodiac Job System”

Actually it is by accidentally I knew the existence of this other version Final Fantasy XII game, t when I was surfing on the web, and when I was knew that there were this International Zodiac Job System version I kind of like “WAAAAWWWW” 🤩.

Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System game info

title Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System
publisher Square Enix
original platform Playstation 2 (PS2)
genre RPG (Role Playing Game), adventure
release year 2007
disc file size +- 4GB
additional info Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System is a Playstation 2 game released exclusively to Japan (JP) region. This game is the enhanced version of the original (the one without International Zodiac Job System subtitle) with new additional features dan some differences from the original version.

Differences between “International Zodiac Job System” with the original Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System Urutan-Eater side quest
Ahhh. This one is from the battle to kill Urutan-Eater (the green turtle) side quest I think.

From what I have read, Final Fantasy International Zodiac Job System is actually an another version that was released after the original Final Fantasy XII. This game was also released exclusively to Japan region only. So actually there were no official English language release of this version.

So good to be popular. Thankfully Final Fantasy XII is a popular title (even one of the best game in Playstation 2), so although there were no official English relase but in fact there were some patchers who already did the english translation done for this game. Bravo and unlimited appreciation to the patchers out there 😁.

So, in term story and plot, this Zodiac version has no differences with it’s original version. What makes differences here are the additional features of job system, some magick and technick, and maybe there are some new weapons and armors as far as I can remember

Final Fantasy XII Vaan and Penelo's battle
So here goes the beautiful days of Vaan with Penelo, before the other characters come and messed up things 😃

On the original version of Final Fantasy XII, freedom is yours. All characters can learn any magic, any technique, and wear any armor or armed with any weapon. In other words, we can create ultimate combination just like we need from a character.

But with the job system being added on the Zodiac version, for me who have played the original version, it all become more interesting as we are being forced to explore different types of weapons, armors, magick, and technick. There’s no better to nostalgic playing your childhood game with new variations 😃.

More Ivalice-centric. And another thing because I have also played Final Fantasy Tactic (FFT), I believe that Ivalice universe, the world in Final Fantasy XII is originate from Final Fantasy Tactic (Because FFT was already released way earlier on Playstation 1). Compared to the original version, the International Zodiac Job System has more Ivalice feels, the main reason is because the usage of Zodiac in this game (Although Zodiac in this game only being used as job symbols 😃).

Then there are some weapons and armors that I seen as the “trademark” of Final Fantasy Tactic’s Ivalice, for example “Defender” and “Save The Queen”. Another example is there are new technick that are exist in Final Fantasy Tactic (on FFT it is called “skill”) that are special for each respective jobs, example are “Bonecrusher” and “Souleater”.

Final Fantasy XII girls victory celebration
dum… dum… dum… dum… dum… dum… dum… dum… dum… Final Fantasy XII’s girls victory celebration 😃

The game just became easier? Don’t know if it’s just because the last time I played Final Fantasy XII was around twelve years ago, but I feel the difficulty became lowered in this International Zodiac Job System version.

Maybe because all things are made simpler, for example 90% of technick are no more need to be purchased, but rather can be found on hidden treasure chests. And the most helpful is the removal of the sacred number “9999” limitation 😀. On the original version of Final Fantasy XII, characters are only able to have maximum HP and damage dealt of 9999. But this annoying limitation is gone on the International Zodiac Job System.

Final Fantasy International Zodiac Job System: Hellwyrm
Here it comes the second strongest monster on Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System: Hellwyrm 🐲. I think I was spent for like two hours or more to beat it 🤣

New enemy and Esper, maybe? My memory of playing Final Fantasy XII more than ten years ago are already vague or these are indeed new in International Zodiac Job System, but I met the legendary time-space traveler of Final Fantasy realm, “Gilgamesh” as one of the marks. And there is this unique Esper that classified as top secret, really, missed one dialog and you will never know that this Esper exists, it is the “Zodiark”.

Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System and The Zodiac Age

So oh now, the Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System have been remake to the PC and Playstation 4 (PS4) platform with a new title: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. It seems there are also new additional featues in the game like “dual license board”.

But of course the main attraction point of the Zodiac Age version for me is what Final Fantasy XII got to a new level of every game aspects like the graphic, soundtrack, voice act, etc. Have watched the Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age gameplay on Youtube, and wow it is amazing. Just like expected from a PS4-level game 😃.

Final Fantasy XII is so memorable, and always been in my heart. Why I like this game so much

Final Fantasy XII Phon Coast
The most beautiful place in Final Fantasy XII, white sand… lush greens… blue sky: Phon Coast 🏝 😃. Source:

Ow ow ow, just remembering playing Final Fantasy XII made me reminded to my beautiful childhood 😀. Adventure, beautiful sky, spacious plains, crowded cities, and interesting story plot of a street boy who dream to become a sky pirate is so memorable. Vaan’s role here for me is not someone who try to become a “from zero to hero”, but rather “from zero, to his true self”. That is guys, just always be yourself 😀.

Because I also the kind who spent most of my times indoor (precisely inroom 🤣), playing Final Fantasy XII really take my visual and imagination fly to the beautiful Ivalice world.

Final Fantasy XII: Vaan looks to the sky
“One of these days I definitely will become a sky pirate. Free to fly wherever to go on my own airship”. Source:

The soundtrack of Final Fantasy XII is also top notch. Very orchestratic and really swing my moods everytime on every different locations. The final hit was when I finished the story on night, alone, and then the final ending soundtrack, “Kiss Me Goodbye” by Angela Aki plays, be ready of one box tissue to wipe the tears 😢😆.

Final Fantasy XII, really a great masterpiece from Square Enix. Bravo!

No, it’s not because you are strong. But it’s because you have good friends.


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