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Castlevania is a popular game series from Konami featuring vampire hunting as its main gameplay with the legendary vampire king: Dracula as the eternity final boss. It’s has many sequel following subplot and vampire hunter generations released since video game was still black and white. And Aria of Sorrow on Gameboy Advance (GBA), is recognized by the fans as one of best sequel to Castlevania game history.

castlevania aria of sorrow gba game mina's dialogue

castlevania aria of sorrow gba game gameplay

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow GBA game info

game title Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
original platform Gameboy Advance (GBA)
ROM file size 6 MB (.gba)
genre RPG (Role Playing Game), Platform, Action.
played on Android phone: Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ
emulator used My Boy! GBA Emulator

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow is a platformer action RPG originally released on Gameboy Advance. Actually, Aria of Sorrow is the one who introduced me to Castlevania vampire hunting world.

castlevania aria of sorrow gba game yoko's dialogue

Forget about killing Dracula, because you yourself now is a candidate of host of Dracula’s reincarnation. Use the bestowed Power of Dominance inside you to fight againts this fate!

I still remember the first time I played this game on my old Java mobile phone. There are some minor differences between the mobile phone and GameBoy Advance version, like mobile version doesn’t have character dialogues and Soma movement is more stiff. And, there is no Julius mode in mobile phone version.

castlevania aria of sorrow gba game final boss

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow GBA is the real RPG game. Dozens of Weapons, armors, items, and skills, secrets, are what will make every RPG lovers also love this game. The best feature for me is the so called called ‘Tactical Soul System’. Every monster has it’s skill, and the skills can be acquired to be used. Though it’s not easy to acquire monster skills, as higher skill has fewer odds we can get it.

This game also has multiple endings we can achieve based on how our journey. To be honest, I even cannot figure out how to get the true ending if it was not because Google 😀 .

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow GBA game story

castlevania aria of sorrow gba game bad ending

The year is now 2035 where the next solar eclipse is about take event in Japan. Soma Cruz who is a foreigner initially came to Japan as transfer student, found himself suddenly inside Dracula’s castle, the Castlevania.

Strange events happened rapidly and it is revealed that Soma’s present in Dracula’s castle is nothing but a fate where he is the host of the next Dracula’s reincarnation. So, will Soma be able to find a way out from this fate and abolish the revival of the dark lord?

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow GBA game gameshark cheat codes

For EU ROM region

Master code (you don’t need this if playing on emulator)
00008193 000A
100008B0 0007

General codes
8200055C 0000 : Transparent
8201327A 270F : Infinite HP
8201327E 270F : Maximum HP
8201327C 270F : Infinite MP
82013280 270F : Maximum MP
82013282 270F : Max STR
82013284 270F : Max CON
82013286 270F : Max INT
82013288 7F00 : Max LCK

[Max Gold]
82013290 423F
82013292 000F

[Max Experience]
8201328C E0FF
8201328E 05F5

[Reset Game Timer]
820000AC 0000
820000AE 0000

[Sprint x2]
D0000020 0010
8200052E 0002
D0000020 0020
8200052E FFFD

[Infinite Double Jumps]
Note=You have to have the Double Jump ability turned on.
720004F4 1006
320004F4 0002

[Always Rush/Guard]
Note=Combines attributes Black Panther, Final Guard, Undine (default) and Skula (hold DOWN+JUMP to walk underwater).
32013261 00F4

[Weak Final Boss]
7200140C 05DC
8200140C 0000
72001598 07D0
82001598 0000

[Have All Items]
42013294 0101
00000010 0002

[Have All Equipment]
420132B4 0101
00000034 0002

[Complete Soul Set]
4201331C FFFF
00000032 0002

[All Abilities]
82013392 FFFF
32013394 00FF

[All Enemy Data]
420133A0 FFFF
00000017 0002

[Complete Map]
420000B6 FFFF
0000013F 0002

[Access Warp Gates]
Note=Enter Map screen, then press START+UP to access Warp Gates.
74000130 03B7
32000064 0007
32000378 00FF

[Unlock Special]
Note=Save your game with this code on to access the Boss Mode.
32000060 000F
320000A1 0001

[Open Mist Door]
Note=Press R+B+UP when in front of the Mist Door to open it.
74000130 02BD
8200037E 9871

r US ROM region

Master code (you don’t need this if playing on emulator)
33C92B74 18DA8263
7CDD4B33 E0034760

General codes
AAEA095F 01EFB53C : Quick Level Up
B79DD421 5017E94E : Max Gold
18E9FD28 619AC7AD : Infinite HP
0A2D70F6 1F853E39 : Infinite MP
875290BE 88D09E3A : Max HP
9745D846 2D698989 : Max MP
E162BB18 DB32B080 : Max STR
533EF4DC 664BF0AB : Max CON
EC20560D 202223AD : Max INT
837A4C46 54C57CDB : Max LCK
0A47A77A 51259D60 : All Ability Souls

[All Items]
B1CE3E61 A35C448A
7356CB4D 432A928B

[All Weapons]
B441A0BB 64920A6C
886951A1 0119C52F

[All Armor]
F1BEB854 65720626
917C653D 93BFC393

[All Accessories]
9B8FBF4E A11455D3
7EFB3FA7 F5F956F9

[All Bullet Souls]
6D4C8BF5 4C7F638A
0E584750 D8F27A87

[All Guardian Souls]
A0855863 20FC32C1
7A6EA720 5E0189F7

[All Enchanted Souls]
5B6FBEAC 8073182E
A8E60B21 16684C76

[All Enemies]
28FC0117 DCD6D22B
1234BFF2 38E2BA5D

Rating for Castlevania Aria of Sorrow GBA game from me:
Gameplay: 5/5
Music: 5/5
Story: 5/5
Difficulty: 4/5

Overall: 9.5 of 10

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