Advance Wars 2 GBA Game on Emulator

Advance Wars 2 is a direct sequel to Advance Wars game on Gameboy Advance (GBA). The sequel featured more commanders you can choose from, new story, and new features on the battlefield!

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Advance Wars 2 GBA Game info

game title Advance Wars 2
original platform Gameboy Advance (GBA)
ROM file size 8 MB (.gba)
genre Strategy, Turn based.
played on Android phone: Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ
emulator used My Boy! GBA Emulator

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Advance Wars 2 bring the player to the original atmosphere of the prequel. But also this game added more (a lot) commanders with their dashing abilities and super moves. Don’t forget that every commander also has his/her own weaknesses that can be exploited. Exploit enemy weakness and harness own ability is the success key in the battlefield.

Rather than fight each another countries like player did in the earlier Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2 has a clearer goal: it is to vanish the Black Hole army and send them back to their planet.

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There are some new features in battlefield that can make players to think more and more before decide to advance their troops, like cannons and laser. Made one mistake, and all your troops can be swiped in a blink of eye.

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Advance Wars 2 also has more rich scenarios in the story mode that can challenge players to craft effective strategies to accomplish the mission.

There are also some extra additional features like Player can change commanders appearance (colors). And Neil Corlett the commander of Orange Star army is also become a playable character in this game.

Advance Wars 2 GBA game story

advance wars 2 gba game all characters

Storm are back leading Black Hole army to once again invade earth. Now he has powerful commanders under his command to execute mission given to them to ensure the glory of Black Hole army.

Abolish every Black Hole evil plans and threats by working together with another commanders from another countries as effective as possible.

Now you can take control of every commanders from all armies. Just for now, forget about colors to achieve one absolute mission, it is to ensure the future safety from Black Hole army invasion!

Advance Wars 2 GBA gameshark cheat codes

Master code

(You don’t need this if playing on emulator)
00009E1F 000A
1006FD98 0007

General codes

33003FCD 0000 : No Fog Of War
33004080 0001 : Always Day 1
8200C420 C350 : 50,000 G (Shop)
820232C0 C350 : 50,000 G (in Battle)
820232F8 03E8 : Collect 1,000 G Per Win
320232F3 0005 : Always Rank S
320232E1 0000 : No Stars
3202331D 0000 : No Stars (Opponent)
32028030 0001 : Unlock Hard Campaign
32028031 0001 : Unlock Sound Room
8202805A FFFF : Have All Teams

[Press FIREB+UP to Activate Power Mode]
74000130 03BD
820232DE 0101

[Press FIREB+DOWN to Activate Super Mode]
74000130 037D
820232DE 0202

[Max Stars]
320232E1 00FF
320232E2 00FF

[Max Stars (Opponent)]
3202331D 00FF
3202331E 00FF

[Have All Color Edits]
8202805C FFFF
8202805E FFFF

[Have All Battle Maps]
42028040 FFFF
0000000D 0002

[War Room Mastered]
4200C078 0101
0000001E 0014
4200C07A 12C0
0000001E 0014

[Infinite Health and Rounds]
42022694 94E4
00000032 000C

[Infinite Rations]
Note=Can’t load carriers.
42022696 0063
00000032 000C

Blue Team codes

820232FC 0000 : No Funds
8202331C 0000 : No Power
820232FC C350 : Infinite Funds
3202331F 0002 : Max Power

[Weak Units / Blue Team]
42022994 0001
00000032 000C

[No Rations / Blue Team]
42022996 0000
00000032 000C

[Infinite Health and Rounds / Blue Team]
42022994 94E4
00000032 000C

[Infinite Rations / Blue Team]
42022996 0063
00000032 000C

Green Team codes

82023338 0000 : No Funds
82023358 0000 : No Power
82023338 C350 : Infinite Funds
3202335B 0002 : Max Power

[Weak Units / Green Team]
42022C94 0001
00000032 000C

[No Rations / G
reen Team]
42022C96 0000
00000032 000C

[Infinite Health and Rounds / Green Team]
42022C94 94E4
00000032 000C

[Infinite Rations / Green Team]
42022C96 0063
00000032 000C

Yellow Team codes

82023374 0000 : No Funds
82023394 0000 : No Power
82023374 C350 : Infinite Funds
32023397 0002 : Max Power

[Weak Units / Yellow Team]
42022F94 0001
00000032 000C

[No Rations / Yellow Team]
42022F96 0000
00000032 000C

[Infinite Health and Rounds / Yellow Team]
42022F94 94E4
00000032 000C

[Infinite Rations / Yellow Team]
42022F96 0063
00000032 000C

Rating for Advance Wars 2 GBA game from me:
Gameplay: 4/5
Music: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Difficulty: 4/5

Overall: 8.0 of 10

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