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Gameboy Advance (GBA), is the name reminds you something about your childhood 😀 ? Since I own Android device, I then became start to like playing retro game on it. OK, let’s back to the topic. Now I want to share a good GBA game on my opinion, it is titled Advance Wars.

advance wars gba game vs olaf

advance wars gba battle animation

Advance Wars GBA Game info

game title Advance Wars
original platform Gameboy Advance (GBA)
ROM file size 4 MB (.gba)
genre Strategy, Turn based.
played on Android phone: Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ
emulator used My Boy! GBA Emulator

Advance Wars GBA game is an addictive strategy turn based game. You can choose from all commanders available as your character and engage in a battle a.k.a war or campaign. Up to 4 commanders can engage in a battle, e.g. 1 on 1, 2 on 1, 3 on 1, 2 on 2.

advance wars gba gameplay git mission

Each commander has his/her unique special power. Better save your special power for the most urgent time. And don’t forget to watch enemies side, whether they want to crush you using their special power.

Start by conquesing cities around you, if you have collected enough golds from the cities then you can start build barracks, airport, port etc. And finally produce your own troops to raise your firepower and raid enemy headquarter base!

advance wars gba neil corrlet

Besides playing solo mode, there are also story mode and link cable mode to play againts your friend.

In the beginning of story mode I thought that Advance War is an easy game, but as we progress further the missions become more and more difficult. I even need to retry plenty of times to finish the story mode.

Advance Wars GBA game story

advance wars gba sami result screen

Andy (you can change the name) is on training on Orange Star Army as future commander. But through his training, there are many casualties happened in many places and Orange Star sudenly became target of other countries.

You as the advisor, must progress through every wars lies in your eyes and solve every obstacles in order to find the mastermind of this chaos.

Advance Wars GBA gameshark cheat codes

Master code

(You don’t need this if playing on emulator)
0000317D 000A
1006C9E4 0007

General codes

33004420 0001 : Always Day 1
8201227C FFFF : Infinite Coins
3300431D 0000 : No Fog Of War
3300431D 0001 : Always Fog Of War
3201ABCA 0005 : Always Get S Rank

[Move All Around The Map]
830036D8 0101
830036DA 0101

[Press SELECT To Win Capture Battles]
D0000020 0004
3201ABAC 0063

Player 1 codes

8201ABBC FFFF : P1 Infinite CO Power
8201ABBC 0000 : P1 No CO Power

[P1 Infinite G]
8201AB9C 423F
8201AB9E 000F

[P1 No G]
8201AB9C 0000
8201AB9E 0000

Player 2 codes

8201AC24 FFFF : P2 Infinite CO Power
8201AC24 0000 : P2 No CO Power
3201AC14 0000 : P2 Has No Buildings Captured

[P2 Infinite G]
8201AC04 423F
8201AC06 000F

[P2 No G]
8201AC04 0000
8201AC06 0000

Player 3 codes

8201AC8C FFFF : P3 Infinite CO Power
8201AC8C 0000 : P3 No CO Power

[P3 Infinite G]
8201AC6C 423F
8201AC6E 000F

[P3 No G]
8201AC6C 0000
8201AC6E 0000

Player 4 codes

8201ACF4 FFFF : P4 Infinite CO Power
8201ACF4 0000 : P4 No CO Power

[P4 Infinite G]
8201ACD4 423F
8201ACD6 000F

[P4 No G]
8201ACD4 0000
8201ACD6 0000

Character modifier

[Always Play Same Character]
Code=8201ABB8 0000 : Always Nell
Code=8201ABB8 0100 : Always Andy
Code=8201ABB8 0200 : Always Max
Code=8201ABB8 0300 : Always Olaf
Code=8201ABB8 0400 : Always Sami
Code=8201ABB8 0500 : Always Grit
Code=8201ABB8 0600 : Always Kanbei
Code=8201ABB8 0700 : Always Sonja
Code=8201ABB8 0800 : Always Eagle
Code=8201ABB8 0900 : Always Drake
Code=8201ABB8 0A00 : Always Sturm

[Same Character Always CO]
Code=3201ABB9 0000 : Nell Always CO
Code=3201ABB9 0001 : Andy Always CO
Code=3201ABB9 0002 : Max Always CO
Code=3201ABB9 0003 : Olaf Always CO
Code=3201ABB9 0004 : Sami Always CO
Code=3201ABB9 0005 : Grit Always CO
Code=3201ABB9 0006 : Kanbei Always CO
Code=3201ABB9 0007 : Sonja Always CO
Code=3201ABB9 0008 : Eagle Always CO
Code=3201ABB9 0009 : Drake Always CO
Code=3201ABB9 000A : Sturm Always CO

[Always Play Against Same Character]
Code=3201AC21 0000 : Play Against Nell
Code=3201AC21 0001 : Play Against Andy
Code=3201AC21 0002 : Play Against Max
Code=3201AC21 0003 : Play Against Olaf
Code=3201AC21 0004 : Play Against Sami
Code=3201AC21 000
5 : Play Against Grit
Code=3201AC21 0006 : Play Against Kanbei
Code=3201AC21 0007 : Play Against Sonja
Code=3201AC21 0008 : Play Against Eagle
Code=3201AC21 0009 : Play Against Drake
Code=3201AC21 000A : Play Against Sturm

Rating for Advance Wars GBA game from me:
Gameplay: 5/5
Music: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Difficulty: 4/5

Overall: 8.5 of 10

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