Beelzebub: Impression and Opinion [Spoilers]

All right now here it is another joyful journey that I must put an end, the Beelzebub. The legend of child rearing badass, Oga Tatsumi and the Child itself the demon lord Baby Beel, Kunieda Aoi for my favorite heroine, the sadistic Hilda, the stupid-’till-the end Furuichi, and all the characters I have to say thank you for the fun ride.

beelzebub manga all characters cover artwork
Beelzebub high school all stars.

There’re also other side yet wonderful and mysterious-’till-the end characters like ‘Good Night’ Shimokawa, the two Tojou guardian, smiling Natsume, the red tail girls, and the rests. I like especially ‘Good Night’ Shimokawa, he has always those positive attitude and kept saying his trademark “good night” even in the worst possible situation hahaha.

The ending was perfect for Oga. Well, in the first place he is the little brother of the founder of the strongest girl group Red Tails, so he was special since he was born. But who’ll guess that if Oga will be end as the one who save the planet?

I was hoped that Beelzebub will have more romance, like Kunieda confessed to Oga or Hilda had her affections to Oga increased will be sweet seasoning to the series. But at the same time I also think it will be double-edged sword that could ruined this series image. In the end, I praised Tamura Ryuuhei sensei for made Beelzebub as a solid and consistent action-comedy.

beelzebub manga beel and oga parting 1
The most touching moment in Beelzebub history.

beelzebub manga beel and oga parting 2
The first time ever Oga had a treacle of tears.

While it is focused on action comedy, Beelzebub had surprisingly tearjerker parts. The moment in journey to Solomon Company arc when Baby Beel met his mother and Oga decided to leave Baby Beel with his mom was really tore apart my heart. Then at the homecoming, Oga just keep reminds the moments when Beel and Hilda was still around… But it doesn’t matter now, as in the end Oga and Beel are together after all, right 😀 ? .

The forgotten characters

This section is dedicated to those who were important amongst events, and to those who got special touch in the panels and their dialogue, but at the end of the series they kind like just a past wind who were forgotten or left with their mysterious identity …

Saotome Zenjuuro, the freaking strong guy that had forgotten

beelzebub manga saotome zenjuuro
Oh no, the new teacher is a spellmaster.

The important person to Oga himself, the annoying pervert-spellmaster Saotome was also forgotten. At the fight with Hecados (one of Behemoth pillars) on Akumano school arc, Hecados noticed something about the demon Saotome formed a contract with. But this mystery never resolved ’till the end…

Also where the hell was Saotome when Oga was fighting Satan? Is he turned into stone too? I think Saotome’s disappearance at that time was indeed because he was turned into stone along with Jabberwock (the leader of Behemoth Squad). I mean Behemoth himself was turned into stone by Satan’s power at that time…

Ikaruga Suiten, the woman priest

beelzebub manga ikaruga suiten
Ikaruga Suiten the woman priest.

And don’t forget the woman priest who has feeling for Saotome, Ikaruga Suiten. But her being as the one who taught Black Tech to Oga and being as someone like a former demon contractor is also left uncleared.

beelzebub manga ikaruga went to kunieda
When Ikaruga went to talk to Kunieda. In the end we don’t know what they was talking about.

I remember at the end of St. Ishiyama Christmas event arc, Ikaruga decided to talk to Kunieda because Kunieda reminds her of her youth. And in the end we also don’t know what they were talking about. Maybe something like ‘Go confess to him, I don’t want you and Oga to have a bleak relationship like Saotome and I now’ maybe ? hehehe.

Athrun of hell

Athrun of hell who stop the rampaging baby Beel with only one hand.

Do you still remember the Athrun guy from hell? Oga and Beelzebub got to feel his immense power when they were on the ‘accident trip’ to hell arc. Athrun saved Oga and co by stopping giant Baby Beel by one hand and then just dis
appeared. In the final scenes of the arc, Athrun was showed reporting to his higher up. After the accident hell trip arc, He never showed anymore leave us with question who he is and who he was working for…

PS: The identity of Athrun was revealed in the ‘Beelzebub: Bangai-hen (Side story) manga’. Althought to me he only became a material of joke on this side story LOL…

The strong henchmans

beelzebub manga natsume and toujo henchmans
The mysterious strong henchmans, Natsume and the two Toujo boys.

There are also some other strong persons that being mysterious to me. Like Natsume for example, he is stronger than Kanzaki and yet he only become the one who following Kanzaki. It’s also the same to the two Toujo boys. The Toujo boys could beat Kanzaki and Himekawa easily in Oga vs Toujo arc. But the Toujo boys still beaten by Natsume. So the most mysterious henchman title here belong to Natsume.

beelzebub manga st ihiyama stuco pres beaten
The scene on Akumano arc when St. Ishiyama student council president beaten by one of Behemoth pillar. It was revealed that he has demon blood.

I bet unusual strong persons like Natsume and the Toujo boys is that they had demon blood. Like example of the St. Ishiyama student council president guy. In the story it was explained that he is ridiculously strong because he has demon blood. Hilda herself feels demonic aura of him.

Kunieda’s parents

beelzebub manga story of aoi parent
The dialogue on Ikaruga Suiten training arc. Kunieda Aoi parent in unknown whereabout, where Ikaruga is Kunieda’s mother old friend.

No, no, this is one thing I cannot just accept for being unexplained, because it involve my favorite heroine Kunieda Aoi 😀 . We know from Kunieda’s statement that her mother was leave the house in order to get back the father who is in training.

I also bet for that the Kunieda family has some demon bloods, or at least related to demon-hell things. It will explain why Kunieda, even her grandfather whose has such ridiculous strength.

Aiba the child rearing Rom-com badass and Koma

beelzebub manga aiba and koma vs oga
Aiba and Koma vs Oga.

Remember on the school trip arc? There were a child rearing badass from another school who raised a jealousy flag to Kunieda ship. I think his name is Aiba. He has unusual strength. Hilda also noticed some demonic aura on him.

Aiba then joined with Koma (the pervert low class demon that helped Kunieda). They two challenge Oga in a fight. While Aiba wants to fight Oga with Kunieda date as the prize, Koma want to seek revenge to Kunieda because she flushed him to toilet. They both lose in this fight.

Aiba then made a comeback in St. Ishiyama Christmas event arc. After he lose in second time to Oga in this event, he then disappeared from the story leaving his identity still mysterious. Once more I bet that he is also someone with demon blood.

beelzebub manga last page

Thanks to Tamura Ryuuhei sensei for the great work and it was really a wonderful journey. Now I will put Beelzebub for time being and may to open it again in the near future 😀 . And, time to start hit the anime adaptation!

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