The World God Only Knows Anime Review

What will happen if a boy who decide to dedicate his life in the game world and hated so much about the real world, especially the real girls, must now make real girls fall in love to him in order to catch the evil spirits that hides in the gap of the girls’s heart?

The World God Only Knows is a romantic comedy anime series taken from the manga with same title. It had three seasons released consecutively in 2010, 2011, and 2013. There are also some of OVA produced in this series.

the world god only knows anime cover
The World God Only Knows cover artwork.

The World God Only Knows anime info

anime title The World God Only Knows. Alternate title: ‘Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai’.
production Manglobe
genre School life, harem, comedy, romance, supernatural, ecchi.
status Finished airing.
episodes Season 1 – 3 @12 episodes, Magical Star Kanon (Spinoff OVA), 4-nin to Idol (OVA), Tenri-hen (OVA).
related project The World God Only Knows: Manga, The World God Only Knows on The Train (Spinoff manga).

The anime adaptation of The World God Only Knows is freaking really good. The story is not rushed like others anime adaptation I’ve watched before. They just took a little part of the manga first at the first season, then they continue the story on the second season. That’s how I like it, not forced all the dozens chapters in only a season.

the worl god only knows anime sasuga vs keima
The battle between master of martial arts vs master of galge games. LOL

Aside the anime adaptation is really good, there are some missing links from season 2 to season 3 (Megami-hen). The anime skipped a lot of girls Keima conquered in the manga. Moreover there are some important girls in the story like Yui and Tsukiyo.

The original soundtrack is also kicking for me. Especially on the third season or the Megami-hen, each the girls are singing the ending soundtrack for every of their chapter.

The World God Only Knows: Magical Star Kanon OVA

twgok magical star kanon
Magical Star Kanon TWGOK OVA.

The Magical Star Kanon OVA is a Spinoff OVA of The World God Only Knows. The story taken from the idol girl Kanon perspective. Kanon and Elsea will fight the evil spirits that controlling all Kanon’s little fans using love and song.

The World God Only Knows: 4-nin to Idol OVA

the world god only knows 4-nin to idol ova
The World God Only Knows 4-nin to Idol OVA.

This OVA is related to the main story of The World God Only Knows. Elsea and the classmate will have a special English lesson from Keima in order to pass the test with 100 grades with the band clubroom as the prize from Mr. Kodama the English teacher. Kanon who suddenly come to school, also ask them to join the little study group.

The World God Only Knows: Tenri-hen OVA

the world god only knows tenri arc ova
The World God Only Knows Tenri Arc OVA.

The Tenri-hen OVA consisted as two episodes. The OVA is taken story of Keima and Tenri first meet after 10 years since their childhood. Keima, Elsea, and Tenri will have to face Nora, one of the Runaway Spirit Squad district chief. The event in this OVA is taking place just before the third season (Megami-hen) begin.

About The World God Only Knows series

the world god only knows keima god mode
Keima on Otoshigami (God) mode. LOL.

Katsuragi Keima is a junior high schooler known as Otamegane (The glasses otaku) in his school. But unlike in real world, he is known as Otoshigami (The God of sims dating game) in internet and game world. There isn’t any galge (sims dating game) he can’t be cleared.

For Keima, the real life is a shitty game compared to the game world where everything in doesn’t make any sense. He limit himself to get contact with real life businesses, especially girls. Keima hate 3D girls because they are all contradict with 2D girls in the game world.

Keima’s peaceful life suddenly disturbed when one day he was accidentally signed a contract from hell and a devil named Elsea appeared from nowhere. As the contract had signed, Keima now must help Elsea as her buddy to catch runaway spirits with his head at the stake.

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