The World God Only Knows Manga Review

Katsuragi Keima is a junior high schooler known as Otamegane (The glasses otaku) in his school. But unlike in real world, he is known as Otoshigami (The God of sims dating game) in internet and game world. There isn’t any sims dating game he can’t cleared.

Keima’s peaceful life suddenly disturbed when one day he was accidentally signed a contract from hell and a devil named Elsea appeared from nowhere. As the contract had signed, Keima now must help Elsea as her buddy to catch runaway spirits with his head at the stake.

the world god only knows manga cover
The World God Only Knows manga cover

The World God Only Knows manga info

manga title The World God Only Knows. Alternate title: ‘Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai’.
author Wakaki Tamiki
genre School life, harem, comedy, romance, supernatural.
status Finished, 268 chapters.
related project The World God Only Knows anime: Season 1 – 3, Magical Star Kanon (Spinoff OVA), 4-nin to Idol (OVA), Tenri-hen (OVA). The World God Only Knows on the Train (Spinoff Manga).

The World God Only Knows or known as Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai is a Manga created by Wakaki Tamiki. It has 268 chapters issued from 2008 to 2014.

If you are a gamer, especially you like playing sims dating game then The World God Only Knows sure will get your attention.

the world god only knows keima the god of game
Katsuragi Keima, the god of game world.

The main character Keima Katsuragi is a game freak. He specialized himself to galge (sims dating) gamer. Keima is recognized amongst the game community as the God of sims dating games.

For Keima, the real world is just a shitty game where everything is illogical. He swears to limit himself in dealing with real world, especially with the ‘3D girls’. But that’s only up to when a little devil from hell called Elsea come.

the world god only knows manga elsea warn keima
“Be careful or you will lose your head”.

The evil spirits that only hides in gap of girl’s heart

the world god only knows manga elsea and classmate
Elsea and her classmates who are also the conquer targets.

The evil spirits that fled to the human world apparently only hides in the gap of girl’s heart. The gap between the girl’s heart must be filled so the evil spirit will pop out and Elsea can do her job to confine it.

Keima, who is a master in sims dating games then apply his knowledge to fill the gap in the girl’s heart with love. He himself then called this as a ‘conquering mission’. At the end of a capturing mission, Keima must kiss the girl as the ultimate finisher to fill the gap in the girl’s heart.

the world god only knows manga keima on capturing
Keima on a conquering mission.

It’s not like Keima is accepted reality and its illogical 3D girls yet. Keima agreed to help Elsea catch runaway evil spirits just so he can return back quickly to his peaceful gaming days, and also to save his own head haha.

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