Renai Boukun Anime Review

Renai Boukun, also called Love Tyrant is an anime adaptation series from the manga with same title created by Mihoshi Megane. It consisted of 12 episodes and was airing around April 2017 and finished around June and.

The Renai Boukun anime was covered the first 32 chapters of the manga.

renai boukun anime cover
Renai Boukun cover image

Renai Boukun anime info

anime title Renai Boukun. Alternate title: Love Tyrant
genre Comedy, harem, ecchi, school life, romance, fantasy.
status Finished airing.
episodes 12 episodes.
related project Renai Boukun: Manga.

renai boukun anime guri and seiji
Guri and Seiji first encounter

I like a lot better the Renai Boukun manga compared to the anime adaptation. The character design in the anime looked like the degraded version of the manga to me. They look a lot better in the manga, especially my favorite character the yandere Akane.

renai boukun anime akane yandere mode
Akane on Yandere mode

The story flow especially in the first half of the series is also kind of like pretty rushed. There are a lot panels and scene in the manga itself in only one chapter, so maybe the anime is trying hard to keep all the scene in only 12 episode@20 minutes.

renai boukun anime stolas
The evil penguin Stolas

But thanks to the anime I can know how the demon penguin Stolas’s voice 😀 . Because he is a penguin (still, a demon penguin) he only doing monologues in his mind. But in the anime we can hear his mind monologue voice. The voice is pretty suits his personality 😀 .

About Renai Boukun series

renai boukun anime seiji akane and guri
The celebration of Seiji and Akane became a partner. Lol.

Kiss Note is a tool every love angels or Cupid use to create the bond of love between humans. Once a pair of name written on the Kiss Note they will love each other and must kissing in 24 hour, otherwise the Cupid who written the name will die.

This including Guri, a Cupid with carefree attitude that sent to human world to create love in people hearths. One day Guri miswritten a name of Aino Seiji, a good-for-nothing regular high school student for someone else.

Put in condition in no other choice, Seiji must choose a girl for him to be written as his partner in the Kiss note, otherwise Guri will die and Seiji will remain single for his entire life.

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