Beelzebub Manga Review

What will happen when the future of human world is decided on a Man’s back? No, in the Beelzebub Manga ‘the back’ is really mean his back 😀 .

beelzebub manga cover

Oga Tatsumi is an undefeated high school delinquent who has beat everyone that stand on his face. He is unbeatable in fighting. But his life changed suddenly when he is forced to become the ‘parent’ of the hell demon king’s son named Beelzebub.

What is the mission of hell as such they sent the demon king’s son to human world? It is for exactly for one purpose: So that the demon king’s son can learn to use his power and DESTROY HUMANITY.

Beelzebub manga info

manga title Beelzebub
author Tamura Ryuuhei
genre Fighting, comedy, martial arts, supernatural, school life.
status Finished
latest chapter 240
related project Beelzebub: Anime adaptation, Beelzebub Bangai-hen (Extra Edition): Side story Manga.

Beelzebub: The legend of child carrying badass was born

The demon king’s sons Beelzebub or often nicknamed ‘Baby Beel’ or ‘Baby BL’ in the English scanlations was started attached to Oga the first time he saw him. It is very funny that he is always NAKED and piggy back Oga everywhere they go.

Because if Oga and Baby Beel are separated more than 15 meters, Baby Beel will suddenly crying then releasing his electric shock spell on Oga, those make the both of them inseparable (actually Oga that don’t want to be attacked by the Baby Beelzebub spell if they are separated haha :D).

beelzebub manga oga feels himself getting stronger
Oga and Baby Beel are ready to rumble

But Oga is not just stand quite as his peaceful life become disturbed by the task as the ‘parent’ of Baby Beel, he then start to seek persons that may stronger than him to replace his demon king’s sons ‘parent’ role. Because quoted from Hilda’s words, the wet Nurse of baby Beelzebub that the criteria of human that make baby Beel so attached to Oga is that he must a strong and evil person.

beelzebub manga oga fighting
“Oga is the delinquent amongst delinquents, and the thug amongst the thugs :D”

Me myself is not into the fighting genre of Manga. But I started to like Beelzebub Manga because it has sufficient amount of comedy to make me laugh on the chapters. Up till’ now I am reached chapter 82 and really enjoying it.

I also waiting for the love story of Oga 😀 as up until chapter 82 now I read, the Manga has given some minor romance flag of Oga and the heroine, Kunieda Aoi. But I think it’s also not impossible for Oga to get closer with the Baby Beel wet nurse, the demon Hilda.

Beelzebub anime adaptation

beelzebub anime adaptation cover
Beelzebub anime adaptation cover image

From the info on the Manga I read, Beelzebub had received Anime adaptation on 2011. Well I cannot say much about the anime as always I want to finish the manga first before watching the anime adaptation…

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