Indotechboy β€” Hello there 90's kids 😁. For me the end of 90's or the beginning of 20's is one of special period for me because at that time there are so many football or soccer anime (cartoon) was airing on television. The most popular one of course is Captain Tsubasa, but there are also a football anime series that was quite exciting for me, it is Whistle.

Whistle anime is pretty memorable for me because the storyline is quite unique comparing to other football anime series. Take one example Captain Tsubasa where the main character is already the strongest from the start, but Whistle anime is 180 degress different where it is telling a story of a weak and untalented (read: sucks 😝) main character in football.

Kazamatsuri shooting ball
Kazamatsuri shooting ball
Kazamatsuri shooting the ball on his first match

Whistle anime series info

title Whistle
genre Football, school life.
year released 2001
episode 39 episodes @23 minutes
status finished

Whistle anime light review

Watched Whistle anime from the beginning to the end, sometimes along the story plots I feel irritated of the main character itself, Kazamatsuri Shou of his weakness and lame side and his character is like not showing enough improvement throughout the story. Forward, backward, forward,backward… "The hell with this main character …" 😞😁

Kazamatsuri scoring goal
Kazamatsuri scoring goal
Kazamatsuri enjoying beautiful view after scoring a goal under the rain hehe πŸ˜ƒ

The story plots for me is also not balanced enough. On the first half of the whole storyline, Whistle anime is really focusing on the football genre. One match can take on 3 - 5 episodes and we will be fed up with football theories here and there.

But on the second half of the storylines, Whistle anime is more focused on the conflicts and dramas of the characters. Here are where I lose my enthusiasm of Whistle anime, where Kazamatsuri the main character has been made to became a wishy washy sissy boy, even worse from him at the beginning of the story πŸ˜‚.

Kazamatsuri Shou in Whistle anime is not showing what it needs to become a main character in an anime series and the main reason of his existency is more like because of his good luck and other people's merit to him πŸ˜†.

Sakura Josei main lineup
Sakura Josei main lineup
Sakura Josei main lineup

The story plots also kind like jumped here and there with no conclusions. At first, Kazamatsuri and co's ultimate goal is clear, it is to beat "Musashi no Mori", the strongest team on their region. Later on then their common goals are suddenly be forgotten and Kazamatsuri are adrift in nowhere when he was called in to the Tokyo U-16 team selection.

And lastly, Whistle anime are ended with a friendly match againts Korea Seoul U-16. Even this final match is not be a climax because instead of focusing on Kazamatsuri's struggle, it is rather became a show of how godlike his teammate Mizuno, the stomach ache drama of his striker teammate where it is a good thing because it gave Kazamatsuri a chance to shine πŸ˜‚. And not to mention the sudden arrival of Kazamatsuri's duet in Sakura Josei team, Shige-san on the last minute match that is a ridiculuos thing for me πŸ˜‚.

On the last ending scene of Whistle anime, I also seems like not got anything except Kazamatsuri who is kicking the ball to his team manager in Sakura Josei, Kojima who is dumbfounded (At least this is a flag the winner girl in this series ship race πŸ˜‚). And the last ultimate quote in Whistle anime is:

If you believe it, you can make your dreams come true.

Kazamatsuri Shou


The soundtrack here is the best thing in Whistle anime, pretty cool and can swing my mood. But the opening is a bit weird, what the hell with that wall carving of a man juggling a ball from the ancient Greece, it is not suited all with the Whistle anime theme πŸ˜‚.

Whistle anime weird opening scene
Whistle anime weird opening scene
Weird scene on Whistle anime's opening 😁

Whistle anime got a remake with new voice acts

Another thing, as far as I remember I have read a post on a website that Whistle anime already got a remake with new voice actors.

If that was true then it is a good thing, because for me Kazamatsuri's dialogues are not so impressive, his intonation are less assertive and too bland 😁.

Whistle anime story at a glance

Kazamatsuri Shou is a 2nd grade junior high school that was recently transferred from Musashi no Mori which is a favorite school in the sports field, to Sakura Josei which is relatively weak in the football field achievements.

Kazamatsuri first training session
Kazamatsuri first training session
Kazamatsuri's first training session with his friends in Sakura Josei

Kazamatsuri actually decided to transfer himself to a weak-in-football school like Sakura Josei in hope he can play there as one of the main lineup because in his old school he can not compete with other students and only capable to became a third tier replacement.

But even that, all still are not so easy. Kazamatsuri who has small posture, he has only 140 cm height, must work hard to become a recognized striker even in a non favorite team like Sakura Josei.

So, will Kazamatsuri able to keep honing his football skills and make his dream to become a professional football player come true with his physical deficiency?