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Kiss Note is a tool every love angels or Cupid use to create the bond of love between humans. Once a pair of name written on the Kiss Note they will love each other and must kissing in 24 hour, otherwise the Cupid who written the name will die. This including Guri, a carefree Cupid that sent to hum...
In a world there are humans born with magic power and can be manifested as a weapon called 'Device'. The human with such capability are called as Blazers. There lived a boy named Kurogane Ikki that has a dream to become a mage knight.Although Ikki was born from Kurogane blood, the respected clan th...
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ReLIFE Manga Review

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What will you do if you get an offer to become a test subject where you must take a drug that make your appearance become 10 years younger and you must become a high schooler again? That's exactly what happened to a 27 year old unemployed a.k.a NEET man named Kaizaki Arata.ReLIFE manga infomanga t...
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Beelzebub Manga Review

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What will happen when the future of human world is decided on a Man's back? No, in the Beelzebub Manga 'the back' is really mean his back :D .Oga Tatsumi is an undefeated high school delinquent who has beat everyone that stand on his face. He is unbeatable in fighting. But his life changed suddenly...