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ReLIFE Live Action Review

@Daryadi Sarumpaet
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Indotechboy — Here it comes one of my most favorite series: “ReLIFE”. The first time I knew ReLIFE is from its webtoon / manga. And ReLIFE origin is indeed came from its webtoon authored by "Yayoi Sou" that was published weekly on Comico website. Later, ReLIFE got an anime adaptation and finally, n...
Waaahhh.... The story of a 28 years, NEET, old man who once again in his life must living as a high school is finally come to an end. Although I know that someday Kaizaki's ReLIFE will come to an end, still it's always feel kind like lonely and feels empty when my favorite series must come to an end...
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ReLIFE Anime Review

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ReLIFE is an anime series that is an adaptation from the Manga with same title. It was released as 13 episodes as a season. The anime itself had ending on the start of second school terms of the Manga story. I think the ending is somewhere around chapter 120 on the manga (If I'm not mistaken).A hap...
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ReLIFE Manga Review

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What will you do if you get an offer to become a test subject where you must take a drug that make your appearance become 10 years younger and you must become a high schooler again? That's exactly what happened to a 27 year old unemployed a.k.a NEET man named Kaizaki Arata.ReLIFE manga infomanga t...
Hooray! One of my favorite anime series will continue to the next story! The project is called 'ReLIFE: Kanketsu-hen'. Well it is actually there will be 4 OVA created as continuation of Kaizaki Arata story, a 27 year old NEET that has a ruined life who take an experiment where he must become once ag...