Solving “MSVCP100.dll” & “VCRUNTIME100.dll” Missing on Windows

Indotechboy – Resolving the “msvcpxxxdll is missing”: “The program cannot start because msvcpxxxdll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program…”. Have you ever experienced that when you want to run a program on your Windows PC?

Symptoms. The symptoms of the error as below are usually similar, so the causes and solutions are generally the same:

  • “msvcpxxxdll is missing …”
  • “MSVCRxxx.dll is missing …”
  • “VCRUNTIMExxx.dll is missing …”

But … Do not immediately reinstall the program or application, because in my experience the error is not the main fault of the program we are trying to run, but there are missing or damaged components of our Windows PC that are needed so that the application or program can run, i.e. “Visual C ++”.

Visual Studio logo. Source:

Visual C ++ is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) product for the C and C ++ programming languages ​​developed by Microsoft. Visual C ++ is one part of the Microsoft Visual Studio package. This language is a high level (complex) programming language. Visual C ++ is a fairly popular programming language. Almost all DLL files on Windows operating systems are created using this language.


So how is the solution to resolve the “msvcpxxxdll is missing …” so that the application / program can run on our Windows PC? It’s easy, of course, by installing the required components, namely Microsoft Visual C ++.

According to the error text that is displayed, then we need to install a different version of Microsoft Visual C ++ as well. Usually, there are only two kind of error that I’ve faced on my Windows PC:

  • “msvcp100” error. The solution is to install Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010.
  • “msvcp140” error. The solution is to install Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015.

How to install Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 on a Windows PC

Then how do you install Visual C ++ on your Windows computer? The answer is very easy because fortunately Visual C ++ 2010 is provided in a single executable file.

So what we need to do to add the required Visual C ++ components to our Windows PC is to simply download the Microsoft Visual C ++ that complies with the specifications of our Windows PC, then run or Open file the executable (exe) and follow the installation interface provided.

Microsoft Visual C ++ download link

We can download the Visual C ++ component for different Windows version that we use from the official Microsoft site:

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