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Indotechboy — Today, smartphone is not actually a phone anymore, but smartphone rather becomes one of basic need in people’s everyday life. Whether it is for a quick way to socialize with others, translating foreign language, searching for cooking recipe, etc. That is where the word of “smartphone addict” comes from.

Sometimes (I’m sure many times for some of people), having smartphone placed near to us has a bad effect to distract us from our current work /study hours. Be it opening social media, a quick chat with other, to just receiving daily login bonus on an online game, there are many that could distract us to stay focus on our work or study. Not to mention for Android users who has been given pleasure with million apps thanks to its popularity.

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So if you are an Android smartphone / device user whose hard to stay focus for always being distracted by your Android device, on this post I will share about 4 free Android app focus-app blocker. If you cannot keep away from your Android device by only your mind, then let’s force it in reality by restricting your apps usage using these apps.

The criterias I used to choose these apps are:

  • Have a “blacklist” or “whitelist” mode to allow or block selected apps.
  • Have a schedule feature to automatically perform the blocking task at configured hours.

So without more further ado, here they are the 4 best Android focus-app blocker apps to control your Android device addict.

1. Digital Detox: Focus and fight phone addiction [Free]

Digital Detox app icon Digital Detox is the best Android app I have tried so far that can be used to fight your Android device addict or you have to force yourself to focus on your work / study. Digital Detox works on “whitelist”-mode, means we choose important apps that still can be used when running detox mode.

Screen off. Life on.

Disconnect from your phone in order to reconnect with yourself, others, and the world. Start your challenge today!

Digital Detox app description intro.

What’s made Digital Detox the best app on our list because this app feels more like a social apps. We can get points whenever we complete a detox challenge and compete in leaderboards with others by using our Google Play Games account. So, you are not alone my friend while fighting with your Android device for whose control and being controlled 😀.

2. Lock Me Out: Freedom from phone addiction [Freemium]

Lock Me Out app icon Another simple and efficient app to restrict yourself to your Android device whenever you need to stay focus is Lock Me Out. But don’t be fooled by the simple interface, beneath Lock Me Out has an extensive sets of configurations and rules you can make how you like the app work to help you stay focus or reduce Android device addiction. The feature I like very much from Lock Me Out is we can choose from two blocking mode, whitelist or blacklist mode.

Are you addicted to your smartphone? Beat your addiction with Lock Me Out! 🔐😌

Can’t put your phone down? Are you addicted to your smartphone? Lock Me Out is a simple but powerful application that will lock you out of your device when you would rather be doing something else.

Lock Me Out app description intro.

Lock Me Out however is a freemium app, the free version seems like for trial only to let you try how the app can work with various restrictions. We can unlock full functionality of Lock Me Out Android app by spending a $4 US one time payment in the in-app purchase.

3. AppBlock – Stay Focused (Beat Phone Addiction) [Freemium]

AppBlock app icon

On our third entry of our Android focus – app blocker, we have AppBlock. AppBlock actually is the first Android focus – app blocker I’ve ever used on my Android phone. Whenever you want to focus on your work or study, or to limit yourself to certain apps can be done easily in this app thanks to its simple and easy to understand user interface. What’s more we can display custom text when AppBlock are blocking you when you’re trying to open a blacklisted app on your Android device, obviously should be a beautiful quote to remind yourself 😀.

The best productivity app that helps you reduce the time spent on your phone.

AppBlock – Stay Focused is an application that helps you (its users) to block distracting applications temporarily on your device so that you can control phone addiction in school or at work. The blocker app can get activated for a precise time and date, and once the pre-set time duration is over, the blocked apps can be used again.

Just like Lock Me Out, AppBlock is also a freemium Android app so the free version is nothing more but a trial app.

4. Block Apps – More Productivity & Focus [Freemium]

Block Apps app icon Block Apps is our last entry in this best Android focus-app blocker list. No different from AppBlock on our second entry, Block Apps is using blacklist mode on app blocking method and easily profile creation to schedule blocking’s work, but I think with more fresh UI than the earlier. But what differs this app may be from its extended and more detailed statistics on app usage monitoring.

Block your distracting apps, view your app usage, improve your digital wellbeing.

💪 Boost your productivity, stay focused, and improve your digital wellbeing!
Block is an easy-to-use Android application that improves your self-control by blocking or limiting your app usage and giving you insight into how your time is spent on your phone.

Block Apps app description intro.

Block Apps is also a freemium app, allowed use to unlock the true app functions through its one time donation (in-app purchase).

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