We can set the directory where Internet Explorer used to save its Internet cache or temporary files. This can be really helpful if you are running Windows from device with limited internal storage (C:\), then you can move the Internet Explorer cache folder to another drive with bigger storage...

Indotechboy β€” Anybody still using Internet Explorer as your primary browser today πŸ˜€ ? Well for me, maybe not as my primary browser, but I still used Internet Explorer 11 on my Advan Vanbook W80 Windows 8.1 tablet.

As a (wannabe πŸ˜€) web developer, I must ensure that my works like scripts, css, etc. are available and working fine as wide as possible. That's the main reason I'm still using Internet Explorer, for testing and debugging (the other reason being because Internet Explorer 11 is prebuilt on my Windows tablet πŸ˜€).

Internet Explorer icons

Although it is a Windows PC, still my tablet is a tablet. From the cheap price come a disadvantage, it is less internal storage. My Windows tablet only has 16 GB space as its main internal storage (C:\). Every files, every folders, every programs's effort writing to the C:\Β  became so crucial. It's like my Windows Tablet has a motto:

Live on the edge!

So one effort we can try to save more our C:\ storage space is by moving the folder / directory Internet Explorer use to save it's temporary files or known as "Internet cache". Now, I moved the Internet Explorer 11 temporary files storage directory on my Windows 8.1 tablet to the SD cardΒ  (D:\ drive) which can support up to 64 GB on its space.

Steps to change Internet Explorer browser cache directory

Note that this tutorial example is taken from my Windows 8.1 PC using Internet Explorer 11.

  1. Launch your Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Go to the Internet Explorer's "Internet options". Click the Gear Icon positioned at the top right to open Internet Explorer's "Tools" menu, then choose Internet options.

    Internet Explorer 11 click internet options
  3. Click the Settings button located under Browsing history section.

    Click settings under browsing history section
  4. Click Move folder button.
  5. Choose / browse the directory or folder where you want Internet Explorer use to save its Internet cache. Here I am choosing to move it to my SD card, D:\_cache\. From my example, so the new directory of Internet Explorer will use to save its Internet cache will be D:\_cache\Temporary Internet Files\.

    Choose new folder as the cache new location
  6. Done! Restart your Internet Explorer.