Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. Are you one of millions that using it as your daily browser? Must be frustrating that when you are browsing while opening multiple tabs on Chrome, then when you switching the tab and poof... Your work, progress, or the scrolling position are all gone away because the browser reloading by itself 🤩.

Indotechboy — So what are all this fuss for about? Why that, if I browsing and opening multiple tabs using Chrome browser on my Windows PC and then switching to another tab, it's just reloading?

All my 300 words paragraphs in the text area in tab 1 I have typed are all gone like nothing? All the beautiful images I found by spending 10 minutes navigating the site in tab 3 are all gone? This didn't happen in Firefox nor Internet Explorer... Chrome, you are so cruel!!! 👾.

So basically all the rants above are caused by one thing: It is all the fault of Chrome's "Automatic tab discarding" 🤡. Explanation of what is this thing, called "Automatic tab discarding":

Chrome browser homepage illustration
image credit: 200degrees@pixabay
If enabled, tabs get automatically discarded from memory when the system memory is low. Discarded tabs are still visible on the tab strip and get reloaded when clicked on. Info about discarded tabs can be found at chrome://discards. – Mac, Windows.

~ chrome://flags ~

That is a horror setting one Chrome have under its sleeve, personally for me who are using Chrome browser on my Windows tablet PC which has low memory (RAM) 👻.

But, fortunately we can disabled this feature to prevent Chrome kills tabs so the tabs won't be reloading everytime we switching between them. Although this feature setting is not your everyday setting because it is not accessible from Chrome's Options menu, but through the special Chrome's chrome:// url.

Don't worry, just follows these easy steps below on how to disable the Chrome's Automatic tab discarding feature to prevent the tabs keep reloading when we switching between them.

Steps how to prevent reloading when switching tabs in Chrome browser

  This tutorial example was run on my Windows 8.1 tablet using Chrome Browser v. 68. As stated on the config description, this config only available on Mac and Windows.

  1. Launch your Chrome browser.
  2. On the address bar, type chrome://flags and hit enter.
  3. Type Automatic tab discarding in the searchbox.
  4. Now on the select input, set it to Disabled.
  5. Done! Restart your Chrome browser to make the config changes takes effect.