Advanced System Font Changer is a Windows program by that allow us to easily change our Windows device system fonts through user interface in a few clicks.

Indotechboy — "How to change Windows system fonts?" I think the question is almost at the same mysterious level with "How do I rotate text in Paint ?" ðŸĪĢ

Well I am not really into a Windows techy guy. After some good time hours spent surfing the internet, I still don't have a clue how to change my Windows PC system fonts ðŸĪŠ.

Boo, when this post first published, it's been almost two years since I bought my Advan Vanbook W80 Windows tablet PC, and I got bored already with its user Interface. It's not like in Android where we can do this and that so easily to change almost all aspects including changing the system fonts.

But the time answered it all, finally I found the way to easily my Windows tablet system fonts, and it thanks to a simple but great Windows program published by called "Advanced System Font Changer".

Here is a quick summary of every Windows system font parts that we can easily change in a few clicks using Advanced System Font Changer Windows program:

  • Title Bar. Of course this is the font used in title bar 😀. It is the very first text appears at top center of your Windows PC screen (a window).
  • Menu. This is generally the most common part that appears most everywhere.
  • Message box. When you are trying to do something generally need special attention (example deleting a file), message box will popping up on your Windows screen.
  • Palette title.
  • Icon. Don't be fooled, this part is not the system icon. A list of texts preceeded by an icon is not Menu part, but this, the Icon 😀. Another example is on your desktop programs shortcut icon text.
  • Tooltip. Tooltip is a small text box that appears when you are hovering over something. Example is when you hover your mouse on a file in File Explorer.

Advanced System Font Changer Windows software info

program name Advanced System Font Changer
category tool
system requirements Windows 7/8/10
software type portable

How to Change Windows PC default fonts using Advanced System Font Changer

Advanced System Font Changer Windows software font select
Advanced System Font Changer Windows software font select
Font selection on Advanced System Font Changer
  1. Run Advanced System Font Changer in administrator privilege:
    1. "Right click" on the Advanced System Font Changer (advchange) .exe file.
    2. Choose "Run as Administrator".
  2. On the "Fonts" tab, you can change your Windows PC fonts.
  3. Click on parts you want to change the font (Title bar, menu, message box). You can view the simple summary of the window font system on the list above.
  4. Select the font, text decoration (bold, underline), and the font size you want.
  5. On the "Advanced" tab, you set additional configuration to the fonts, like letter spacing, line height, even to the scroll width.
  6. After you have decide the changes, you can view the changes you made on the "Change" tab.
  7. Finally, click on Apply button on the right to apply all your changes.
  8. A prompt window will appear. Click "OK" to restart your Windows PC to apply all the changes.

Advanced System Font Changer Windows program download link

Download Advanced System Font Changer on the official website: Wintools Advanced System Font Changer page