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Indotechboy — If you feel bored everytime you unlock your Android phone, then there are one thing I can very recommend you to do: change your homescreen wallpaper occassionaly.

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If you want your Android device give you a fresh views, set your homescreen wallpaper using high resolution a.k.a HD images. The high resolution here I mean your wallpaper image resolution should at least 1 times or larger from your Android device screen resolution. Do not using an image with resolution lower than your screen resolution, or you will feel you have an old phone 😂.

Don’t need to sweat googling here and there to looking a nice wallpaper for your Android device homescreen, because on this article I will give you 5 + 1 Wallpaper source or donwloader apps free at all cost and without ads!

1. Ultimate Wallpaper (No Ads)

Ultimate Wallpaper App icon Ultimate Wallpaper is a nice Android app that could give you free wallpapers and you will not see even a small bit of advertisements inside of it.

Why make Ultimate Wallpaper a great source for your wallpaper image hunting? Because this Android app is made in ❤ with the popular photography and image sharing community, the Flickr as its main image source.

Your wallpaper hunting could be narrowed down in this app by looking into different categories and tags. Interesting daily updates makes you stay tuned with the latest image added by the Flickr’s folks. Also make use the “Dynamic Wallpaper” feature to automatically give your Android device homescreen a fresh look everyday!

2. Wallpaper World: 4K, HD Backgrounds (No Ads)

Wallpaper World app icon Wallpaper World is an Android app that could bring you thousands of carefully curated premium wallpapers you can use on your homescreen for free and no Ads.

What’s more that Wallpaper World app has a simple and clean user interface without the clutter, giving you only seconds to choose images from different categories and tabs for your next high quality wallpaper.

Because the simple design, Wallpaper World app is fast and lightweight. Don’t forget also to check everyday for newly added wallpapers or use the “Auto Wallpaper Changer” to do the job giving you new fresh look to your Android device homescreen.

3. Wallpapers

Wallpapers app icon
Next, we have Wallpapers, the wallpaper Android app authored by Google. When you need a quickie to give your Android device homescreen a fresh new look, Wallpapers is the best app to go.

Although Wallpapers is the most simple wallpaper app I’ve ever seen, but the elegance is in that. High quality images are carefully selected from already popular other sources and updated daily. There are also auto wallpaper changer feature for your convenient, and wallpapers are being breakdown into also carefully picked several categories. Simplicity is a hidden complexity 😀.

4. Wallpy: Wallpapers

Walpy app icon Another simple and elegant free wallpaper app for Android without ads is Walpy. Walpy is now have been reworked into version two, bringing a new fresh UI, more features, and better performance.

In Walpy, you will not see low quality images because everything is being picked from the best source of photography and image community, the Enjoy choosing your wallpaper from sets of photographer and artist collections, and use the configurable auto wallpaper changer that not drains your battery and bandwith data to bring their arts directly to your Android device homescreen.

5. Wonderwall – Wallpapers

Wonderwall app icon On our last free and no ads wallpaper app for Android, we have Wonderwall. Wonderwall is the best app if you love fresh look of nature and earth image as your wallpaper.

Wallpapers in Wonderwall are categorized to different parts of wonder nature, like forest, sea, etc. This app also has a clean and fresh UI. And it also have the Autoset Wallpaper feature to suprise you with new wallpaper everyday. Love hunting wallpaper everyday? Then don’t forget to get notified by the app from the today editor’s choice of high quality images.

Below is additional list separated because meanwhile they are free, these wallpaper Android app still has ads in it BUT they are personalized it nicely. So even you will see ads in these wallpaper apps below, at least you will not see an online store product, MMORPG game or microwave ads while you browsing through their awesome wallpaper collections 😂.

• Backgrounds (HD Wallpapers)

Backgrounds (HD Wallpapers) app icon Backgrounds (HD Wallpapers) is one of best app to get high quality with HD resolution and above for your Android device wallpaper. Not enough with just static images? Backgrounds Android app also has a set of picked live wallpaper collections we can download for free, make our Android device really live!

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