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Indotechboy — Markdown is becoming more and more popular these days, especially with people who write articles to be published on the web like bloggers. HTML writing slowly being left for markdown syntax writing, the reason of course it is because all the comfort of markdown gives like cleaner text files, portability, and markdown can be learned easily even in 10 minutes.

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Not only in Windows (which already has numerous markdown writer / editor apps / programs with crazy awesome features and appearances), today you can start writing anywhere and anytime from your Android device with the lovely markdown syntax using these markdown syntax supported text editor.

Some of these Android apps below are at a class either of “Writer”, “Text Editor” or even “Notes”. So without any longer intro texts 😂, here they are the curated list of 14 Best Free Markdown Writer / Editor Apps on Android that has been scoped under my telescope 🔭.

1. iA Writer: The Markdown Writing App

iA Writer is my favorite Android app to write articles using markdown syntax on my Android phone at current moment. I love this app because it has a beautiful typography and simple interface, making me to stay focus on writing. Moreover, iA Writer is autosaving our works every second so don’t worry to lose our hard working text if something bad happened like our phone hanged up, app killed in the background, etc.

iA Writer Android app noticeable feature:

  • Beautiful typography and clean UI.
  • Live markdown syntax highlighting.
  • Focus (typewritter) mode.
  • Preview in different fonts, including the “Iconic” font (cool 😀).

2. Epsilon Notes: Markdown Editor

Epsilon Notes Markdown Editor offers much, much more features than other apps. Because the full of features, I could say that Epsilon Notes is the best Markdown Editor app on Android. However, I declined this app for my main markdown writer app on my Android phone because the performance problem. It is still not smooth enough when scrolling in edit mode, making an unpleasant writing experience.

Epsilon Notes Android app noticeable features:

  • Highly customizable and extended.
  • Colorful live markdown and HTML syntax highlighting (premium features).
  • Live side-to-side preview.
  • Frontmatter support.
  • Editor toolbar.

3. Markor: Markdown Editor – todo.txt – Notes Offline

Markor is another great markdown editor app worth to use as your main markdown writer. As I can remember, Markor is also an open source app. This app also highly themable and has extended function as a to-do list note-taking.

Markor Android app noticeable features:

  • Highly themable and customizable.
  • Colorful live markdown syntax highlighting.
  • Frontmatter support.
  • Editor toolbar.

4. QuickEdit Text Editor – Writer and Code Editor

QuickEdit actually is not a markdown-specialized writer app, rather it is a general code editor. However, markdown is one of supported syntax in QuickEdit and I found myself pretty convenient writing using markdown in this Android app.

QuickEdit Android app noticeable features:

  • Colorful live markdown syntax highlighting.
  • Clean user interface.
  • Has the ability to handle large text file (>100 kB) without lags.

5. JotterPad – Writer, Screenplay, Novel

JotterPad is an Android app created specialized for writer. The beautiful typography and user interface made a very comfortable writing experience. Unfortunately, JotterPad only partially higlight on basic format like bold and emphasis on its live markdown syntax highlighting.

JotterPad Android app Noticeable features:

  • Beautiful typography and user interface.
  • Different writing presets such as Novel, Draft, etc.
  • Focus / typewriter mode.

6. Monospace – Writing and Notes

Monospace is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) writer app for Android with a beautiful Medium-like writing environtment. Monospace is not a real markdown editor, rather it is a WYSIWYG writer where we can export the document later into markdown format. Unfortunately, there are no advanced essential markdown support such as link or image in this app.

Monospace Android app noticeable features:

  • Beautiful typography with clean user interface.
  • Easy text formatting with WYSIWYG experience.

7. MiXplorer: The Text / Code Editor

Nope, MiXplorer is not a text editor 😀. MiXplorer is a full featured file manager Android app with almost any functions, and one of it is of course the text / code editor which markdown syntax is one of supported in MiXplorer text / code editor. Sometimes I’m using MiXplorer to access my website files over FTP connection to make quick fixes, and it is more convenient to directly edit it using MiXplorer, including markdown files so I don’t need to switch to other Android app.

MiXplorer markdown editing noticeable features:

  • Colorful live markdown syntax highlighting.
  • Because MiXplorer is highly themable, and so on with the text / code editor.

8. Clipto Pro – Free Cross-platform Notes & Clipboard

Clipto Pro is a note taking Android app with clipboard function in mind. It has a clean user interface, so it is one of good alternative markdown writer app worth to try. Moreover, Clipto Pro is a cross platform app which means we can easily access our saved notes over different device platforms.

9. MarkNote-markdown note-taking application (Mark Note)

This android app name is really having spelling problem, so if you did not find search result on Play Store for “Mark Note”, try “MarkNote” instead. Apart from app naming problem, MarkNote is one of a good markdown writer app. The extensive formatting toolbar really help, especially if you are new to markdown.

10. Marknote

On the tenth entry of our free markdown writer Android app, we have an app that share similar name but completely different focus with previous entry, it is Marknote. Marknote is a simple markdown writer app yet I feel a unique experience in it. Like writing text / articles to different section? Then Marknote may be the right choice for you because its how this app been designed, breakdown your text into different sections for easy long article writing.

11. MarkPad

MarkPad is one of a nice markdown writer app for Android with more than sufficient enough features. This app is also highly themable loaded with numerous inbuilt themes and has a formatting toolbar. MarkPad also allow us to switch between WYSIWYG and markdown mode. The app maybe also be named as “Cola Notes”, depending on language you use on your Android device.

12. neutriNote: Write Markdown and Math Notes

neutriNote is another good markdown editor app worth to try on your Android device. Beside markdown, neutriNote also support with math (LaTeX), canvas drawing, and many more, every functions served right on the toolbar.

13. Scarlet Notes

Scarlet Notes is not actually a markdown writer / editor Android app, but rather it is a note-taking and to-do list app which has some basic markdown syntax text formatting support.

14. Simple Markdown

A really simple markdown writer app for Android, giving you a fast writing experience using markdown syntax on your Android device.

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