6 Free and No Ads Android File Manager Apps

Indotechboy — One of essential application you must have on your Android device is a good file manager. Why? Because having a good file manager app could boost our productivity when doing file operations on our Android device.

Android free file manager
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How many times in a day you think doing file operation on your Android device, whether it is only copying a file, moving folders, editing a text file, or extracting archive files? Maybe not often for general Android users, but it is often indeed if your Android device is a part of your job everyday.

While there are no perfect things in this world, below is a list of some file manager you can try on your Android device to boost your productivity on file operations right from your Android device.

Why not to try them? After all, these file manager Android apps are created by generous developers who released them for free and no ads!

1. MiXplorer

MiXplorer app icon

My self proclaimed, MiXplorer is the best file manager app on Android. The reason? I have never seen any file manager Android app that is as complete in features except MiXplorer.

From a nice-looking file manager with easy custom theming, complete inbuilt file handling (text editor, reader, image, music, etc.), cloud & remote file manager, archive manager and many more. We can generally doing almost any file-related operations on our Android device in MiXplorer without need switching to other apps.

Started as a hobby project authored by indie developer Hootan Parsa in the busy XDA forum, today we can buy “MiXplorer Silver” as one of the best premium Android file manager app on Play Store.

2. FX File Explorer: The file manager with privacy

FX File Explorer app icon

The next we have a file manager that I could say almost, almost able to keep up with MiXplorer, it is FX File Explorer.

No ads. No annoyances. No tracking. Manage your files. Retain your privacy.

FX File Explorer features a Material Design UI and new ways to transfer your files between devices and computers

FX File Explorer app description intro.

FX File Explorer is a professional Android file manager app built with privacy in mind. Not all about privacy, FX File Explorer filled with complete features of file handlings just like MiXplorer, although it lack on archive manager support if being compated to.

Besides, there are also advanced tools included in FX File Explorer like storage analyzer, signal analyzer, etc. And there are theming feature too where we can change the app’s look.

While the free version is great, you may want to buy FX File Explorer unlocker to unlock advanced features like remote connection and cloud storage access capability, more themes, etc.

3. Cx File Explorer

Cx File Explorer app icon

On the third entry of our free and no ads file manager app on Android, we have Cx File Explorer.

File manager app with clean interface to provide easier management of files.

Cx File Explorer app description intro.

I myself find Cx File Explorer as a clean and easy to use Android file manager app. The app’s look is uncluterred, and every place you need to go is grouped together and can be accessed easily from the home user interface.

There are also cloud function to connect to the some popular cloud file servers like Google Drive or remote connection features like FTP.

4. Nox File Manager – file explorer, safe & efficient

Nox File Manager app icon

Nox File Manager is another great file explorer Android app worth to try. This app is one few free file manager app on Android that has beautiful interface.

Free file manager, explore files and folders fast, safe and efficient. No Ads!

With powerful functions and simple interface, Nox File Manager help Android users to manage mobile phone files and preview media categories such as videos, audios, pictures, and many more! Users can also access to your SD card, browse, create, rename, copy, move and delete files.

Nox File Manager app description intro.

Besides its nice user interface Nox File Manager is also packed with advanced features like Cloud and Remote connection support, file sharer, app manager, folder encryption and many more.

5. Free File Manager – Best Android File Explorer

Free File Manager app icon

Your best file manager, fast and safe to assess files, strong file commander.

Explore your files efficiently and securely with best File Manager for Android!

Free File Manager is the best Android file explorer with powerful features: speed up your phone, search the files accurately, and grasp file dynamics easily to organize internal storage. Accelerate your device by strong cleaning function. Our File Browser is a free, secure app that protect your privacy.

Free File Manager app description intro.

Don’t be fooled by its plain application name and icon, Free File Manager offers much you may won’t find on your stock file manager app like space analyzer, junk cleaner, memory cleaner, file and app locker and many more.

6. MK Explorer (File Manager)

MK Explorer app icon

On our last entry of our free and no ads file manager Android app, we have probably the simplest file manager of all, it is MK Explorer.

MK Explorer will give you a stock file manager experience with its simplicity. Because of the simplicity, this file manager will also guarantee speed when navigating between directory.

That’s all our 6 free and no ads file manager app for your Android device. Each of them has their own characteristics, whether you prefer a simple or full featured one to manage your files.

So, think I missed one of your favorite file manager app you’re using / used? Then let me hear it on the comment box below…

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