11 Free Modern Android Launchers without Ads

Indotechboy — Boring with your everyday Android device’s look? There are many ways to customize our Android device from changing wallpaper, font, icons and of course the homescreen app or known as the launcher which is our topic today.

If you are a very casual Android user, the stock launcher comes with your Android device may be enough. But when the times come you want more a personalized homescreen or looking for a refreshment on your Android device homescreen, then it’s time to move on from your stock Android launcher 😆.

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No need to pay using your money yet, while of course money never lies 🤣, there are many generous developers out there who release their awesome homescreen or launcher app for free and without ads!

So without further ado, here they are the 11 modern free and no ads Android launcher to make your own personalized homescreen…

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Android app icon
Nova Launcher has been sitting on one of the top Android Launcher for years. The reason Nova Launcher become people’s favorite homescreen is its easy to use, easy to customize, and has the best performance from any other Android launchers on the market from my experience. Though, some of advanced features can only be unlocked after purchasing the Nova Launcher Prime unlocker on Play Store.

2. ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2 Android app icon
Sitting next to Nova Launcher as one of the most high customizable launcher ever available for Android, it is ADW Launcher 2. ADW Launcher 2 trully will give you a very unique experience of DIY Android homescreen you will not find on other launcher. However, ADW Launcher 2 performance is still not as smooth as Nova Launcher. And just like Nova Launcher, premium features can only be obtained from the in-app purchase.

3. Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher Android app icon
Next we have an elegant Android homescreen called Evie Launcher. Beside simple and elegant, Evie Launcher also focus on usability. All Evie Launcher want is to make you easy to personalized your homescreen and make everything you need to access fast are available ready as soon as you unlock your Android device.

4. Lawnchair Launcher

Lawnchair Launcher Android app icon
On the fourth entry we have an Android launcher that is developed by Android community, for Android community, it is Lawnchair Launcher (kind of funny to speak the name 😀). Lawnchair Launcher is an open source project powered by a group of contributors to push the limit of how far an Android homescreen app could become, the result? An enhanced stock-experience homescreen that could fit every Android users while still being fast, easy to use and highly customizable.

5. Shade Launcher

Shade Launcher Android app icon
Next we also have another highly customizable launcher that share the same spirit of open source with Lawnchair Launcher, it is Shade Launcher. While Lawnchair has focus on Google Pixel-like experience, I think Shade Launcher is instead make itself unique by adding new features like app categorizing, theme support, etc.

6. Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion Launcher Android app icon
Hyperion Launcher is a launcher that can turn your homescreen into a beautiful and elegant homescreen. With carefully selected color pallete, customizing your homescreen to be beautiful will never go wrong. Just like Nova and ADW 2, Hyperion Launcher advanced features can only be unlocked from in-app purchase.

7. CPL (Customized Pixel Launcher)

CPL Launcher Android app icon
CPL is the launcher you might seek for another Pixel-like homescreen experience. Started as a forked project from the project created by Shade Launcher author, Amir Zaidi, CPL or Customized Pixel Launcher then became a separate community-driven project adding new features based on users requests.

8. Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher Android app icon
Not to confuse with another launchers that share similar names from different developer, Smart Launcher 3 & Smart Launcher 5, “Smart Launcher(Best free launcher,no ads)” is an Android launcher which has its own charms. While at this current moment Smart Launcher are lack of theming options, this free and no ads Android homescreen app packed with unique options rarely found even in paid launcher app, for example the ability to sort the app drawer by different criterias (by alphabeth, install time, etc.).

9. Fast Launcher

Fast Launcher Android app icon
On the entry #9 on our free and no ads Android launcher, we have Fast Launcher. Fast Launcher was previously known as TS Launcher, if you are wondering. Simplicity, customizable, and fast are what could describe Fast Launcher is and all of your applications are available right from your homescreen desktop for an intuitive and efficient access.

10. Pear Launcher

Pear Launcher Android app icon
Next we have a launcher that probably someday will knock down Nova and risen as one of the elite Android launcher, it is Pear Launcher. I could say Pear Launcher almost beat Nova Launcher both in customization and freedom, while there are still huge gap in term of performance. While the free version is enough for me personally, Pear Launcher offers advanced features and detailed customizations in the Pro version.

11. POCO Launcher

Poco Launcher Android app icon
POCO Launcher is our final entry today in our free and no ads Android launcher list. Authored by Xiaomi and probably it’s the default launcher on some of Xiaomi devices, POCO Launcher risen to the top as one of elite Android homescreen app in no time. What makes this launcher so great? Everything! From modern, innovative, elegant, performance-driven and customizable. Although there are drawbacks to POCO Launcher that would not make it as everyone’s favorite launcher, it’s that it is using heavy resource so this launcher probably would not suitable for older or low specs Android devices.

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