Samsung Sans [FlipFont] Font Pack APK (> 1000 Fonts Included!)

Indotechboy — Boring with your daily fonts in your Samsung Android phones? Want to install and use new fonts but don’t have money to buy it from Samsung Apps store (lol :D)? Looking external sources for fonts for your Samsung Android phone but never succeed to install and use it ’cause it always said “font not Supported”?

Update: 23 October 2019. These modded Samsung font pack actually works out of the box WITHOUT ROOT on Android devices with a FlipFont font changer in the Settings menu. Tested on my ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android 8.0. Read until the end!

Works on ASUS Zenfone Live L2
These Samsung Sans modded font packs works on my ASUS Zenfone Live L2 (Android 8.0.0).

Then you may want to give a shot to instal this Samsung Sans Font pack and see if it also work on your Samsung Android phone just like on my Samsung Galaxy V phone.

This Samsung Sans font pack APK is not just an ordinary font package which usually contain 1 font on 1 APK, because it is a modded Samsung Sans font package which after you install it you will find more than 1000 (1060 fonts to be exact) fonts your Samsung Android phone Font Styles Setting. You will find most recognized fonts like Times New Roman, Comic Sans, Arial, and many more inside this Samsung Sans modded font pack APK.

“Hey, why I must bother to install it as there are many font changer application out there?” Yes you right, but they are still called “font changer app”. We don’t have to install any additional application to use this font pack because after you install this Samsung Sans APK font pack, the font will be injected directly to system so we just can choose the fonts in our “Settings” -> “Display -> “Font Styles”.

Ahhh… I still remember the days, when I was a new user of Android and didn’t know anything. At that time I want to change the font on my Samsung Galaxy V phone. I’m looking into Google and find lots of font pack for Samsung phone. But after I installed it then applied it, it always said “Font Not Supported…” and then it will redirected me to Samsung Market to spend dollars for a font! The problem here is I DON’T HAVE DOLLARS! I’M USING RUPIAH!!! 

Actually I found at the Playstore there are font packs that works on my Samsung Galaxy V Android phone, but all the fonts is separated one by one as different app and all the fonts styles is sucks 😛 . After finally, I started to know about the XDA Forum and the story of my journey on Android hacking and modding world begins 😃 …

Attention that this font pack MAYBE AND MAYBE only work on Samsung Touchwiz Kitkat ROM’s and Touchwiz Kitkat based ROM’s like Zentouch, Palents, etc. Because what? Because it need a present of a system flipfont font changer in the “Settings” menu to change the font. And custom firmware like CyanogenMod’s does not have it.

Well, if you are an experienced Android modder, you can extract this Samsung Sans font pack apk file and take the raw fonts file (.ttf) and use it in anyway you can (for example to be used in iFont Android app font changer).


These Requirements are for rooted method, if your Android device already have FlipFont feature on the settings menu, you can skip these requirements and installation steps section and just install the font.apk file on the download section below and change your Android device font from the Settings, with prequisite: No “Samsung Sans” font installed.

  • Rooted.
  • Backup, if you feel need it.
  • A file manager with root explorer ability like FX, ES File Explorer, MiXplorer, etc…
  • Samsung Sans Modded Font Pack.apk (the download section is at the end of this post).

Screenshot list 500 samsung sans font pack
Screenshot list 500 samsung sans font pack

Screenshot after change font
Screenshot after change font

Steps to Install the Samsung Sans.apk modded font pack on your Samsung Android phone

What we are going to do here is to replace the current installed Samsung Sans font in the system by deleting it first and later you can then install the modded Samsung Sans apk which contain >1000 fonts.

Why we must delete the one in the system first and not directly install the modded Samsung Sans APK, is it will act as the update for the system Samsung Sans anyway? That way was just never work for me on my Samsung Galaxy V phone.

I don’t know why after every I restart my phone, the installed modded Samsung Sans font always become missing. So first, we must delete the Samsung Sans font that exist in the system first so the new modded Samsung Sans font APK will be recognized as a new app by the system.

Here are the steps to install and use this Samsung Sans font pack:

  1. Using any file manager / root explorer, go to /system/app/ directory and then move or cut the “samsungsans.apk”.

    If you are using an ODEX ROM, don’t forget to also move / cut the “samsungsans.odex”.

    Keep the files somewhere as your backup. Then reboot your device.

  2. After reboot, just install the Samsung Sans Modded font pack apk file manually like usual.
  3. To change the font is just like usual, go to “Settings” -> “Display” -> “Font Styles”.

Note: Because the are a lot of fonts, maybe it will take a while before all the fonts will completely showed.

Thanks to the member of XDA Forum whose I forget his nick and his thread link, but may God always bless you 😀 . It’s become a habit of mine to always record the source if I got some of the post materials from another sources or persons. But this time I just completely forget, sorry ☹️ .

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