3 Best Free FTP Client Android Applications without Ads

Indotechboy — Are you one of webmaster who are using your Android device often to manage your website? Then if yes, you are on the same boat with me 😀.

Often we need to fix critical bugs or add something to our website as soon as possible, no matter when or where we are. And one device that always beside us is our smartphone (Android phone, on this case).

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Although my website is hosted on cPanel web hosting where I can access my website files through the web by login to the cPanel from a browser, it is still very inconvenient as cPanel is primarily designed for a computer / PC display. So, the second best solution is by using the FTP.

Unlike in Windows where there are Filezilla, the already perfect FTP client / software and probably other numerous functional FTP softwares, I was having a hard time seeking the perfect FTP client app to use on my Android device.

Actually there are more Android applications out there that can be used as FTP client, but still not supported for the SFTP connection yet. It’s hard to find free Android app that offers SFTP connection support because most of them can be found on paid apps like FX File Explorer, X-Plore File Manager, etc.

So after I had rampaging on Play Store (where the heck the free, no ads, and can be used to easily manage my website from SFTP connection Android app!!!) 😂, here they are my version of 3 best Android applications to connect to FTP server and 🚫 No Ads. And also, the four them can be used to easily doing simple file operations like editing, deleting, copying, etc. to the remote files.

1. MiXplorer

MiXplorer Android app icon

On the first list, we have the most loved file manager application on Android community (probably, but it is true for myself 😁), the MiXplorer File Manager.

With how dozens of features MiXplorer have for now, no other Android file manager could stand a chance against it. Of course some little of dozens features MiXplorer have is the capability to connect and work with remote connections such as FTP.

Up until now, MiXplorer is the main application I used on my Android phone to manage my website swiftly on the go through SFTP connection.

✅ Support FTP, FTPS, FTPES, and SFTP connections.
✅ Easily navigate with multiple tabs.
✅ Operations: Basic file operations (create, read, update, delete, copy, move), create symbolic link, create and extract archives, change permissions, etc.
✅ Sweet inbuilt file editing with syntax highlighting.

2. Admin Hands: SSH/FTP/SFTP/TLN

Admin Hands Android app icon

Now on the second number, we have “Admin Hands: SSH/FTP/SFTP/TLN”. Different with other two apps on our list which are a file manager app, Admin Hands is an Android app specifically designed to manage and work with (S)FTP and Telnet connections.

Admin Hands is a simple yet effective app to work with remote files through FTP connections with its neat User Interface.

✅ Support FTP and SFTP connections.
✅ Extended security features.
✅ Operations: Basic file operations (read, update, delete), change permissions, SSH command (premium feature), etc.
✅ Inbuilt pro file editing with syntax highlight powered by Turbo Editor.

3. Cx File Explorer

Cx File Explorer Android app icon

And for our last entry, one of the best free and no Ads Android app that can be used as FTP client is Cx File Explorer.

Just like MixPlorer, Cx File Explorer basically is a file manager.
And beside as a basic file manager, Cx File Explorer also has capability to connect to some popular Cloud servers and of course, FTP.

Actually Cx File Explorer has enough basic features to manage remote files easily, the only one thing lack is it only have basic text editor with no syntax highlight for its inbuilt text editor. But I think the basic text editor won’t be much problem as we also can do “Open with …” operation in Cx File Explorer, then open / edit it with our favorite text (code) editor, and after the file is saved Cx File Explorer can update the file right away.

Key features:
✅ Supported connections: FTP, FTPS, SFTP.
✅ Operations: Basic file operations (create, read, update, delete, copy, move).
✅ Clean user interface.

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