4 Free Extraordinary Android Keyboards Apps with Extra Functions and No Ads

Indotechboy — Do you not satisfied enough with the preinstalled keyboard on your Android device. That was me actually 😁.

I often coding using my Android phone, and it so unpleasant because the inbuilt Google Keyboard just gave me a hard time because it lack essential keys for coding activity like tab key, arrow keys for easy movement, etc.

NextApp keyboard illustration
NextApp Technical Keyboard screenshot illustration. Background mockup credit: krapalm@pixabay

So I have ventured to search for the perfect Android keyboard app for my needs. One that have extra essential keys for my need and still offered basic feature like emoji key, because I need to insert emojis when I typing for my articles 🤡.

1. NextApp Technical Keyboard

NextApp keyboard app icon

NextApp Technical Keyboard is my primary keyboard app I use on my Android phone for now. NextApp Keyboard is the perfect keyboard app for my needs. It is still being easy to use and adjust it, yet is offers extra keys that can be found on physical keyboard.

The NextApp Technical Keyboard is a derivative of the AOSP keyboard, with added arrow keys and other special keys, and a slightly tweaked QWERTY layout that is closer to that of a PC Keyboard. There are multiple themes to choose from.

NextApp Technical Keyboard app description

Even in NextApp Keyboard, we can use “computer keys” like ctrl + …, alt + …, doing a text range selection, etc. It even have F1F12 keys.

While NextApp Technical Keyboard is the most advanced keyboard with extra keys so far for me, it is also easy to customize the appearance by just choosing the predefined themes in the option.

2. AnySoftKeyboard

AnySoftKeyboard app icon

Now on the second number on our extraordinary Android keyboard app, we have the open source project that powered by its users, AnySoftKeyboard (I did not make a spell mistake here, the app name really written without space 😀).

Any Soft Keyboard is an open-source, on-screen keyboard with multiple languages support with emphasis on privacy.
This is one of the most customizable keyboards available.

AnySoftKeyboard app description

One key for AnySoftKeyboard: Customization. We can create our own theme and use it. Or, just choose from sets of themes created by the users included by the app.

3. BeHe Keyboard – Programming and More

BeHe Keyboard app icon

BeHe Keyboard is another open source project Android keyboard. BeHe Keyboard can be your first choice of keyboard for programming and coding purposes on your Android device.

With BeHe Keyboard you can enjoy programming and using special keys (such as CTRL and ALT) on your android device without forgetting the design.

BeHe Keyboard app description

The noticeable feature of BeHe keyboard is we are provided with three different keyboard modes that we can switch easily: “QWERTY” for regular typing, “Arrow Keys” (very useful in some places like terminal), and “Programming” for an efficient programming directly using your virtual keyboard.

But one thing lack from BeHe keyboard that made me left it, is the low support for emojis. There are emojis too on BeHe keyboard, but it is only have a small number of emojis.

4. Multiling O Keyboard + emoji

Multiling O Keyboard app icon

Now for our last app in our extraordinary Android keyboard, we have “Multiling O Keyboard + emoji”. Mulitling O Keyboard has the most extreme degree of customization I ever seen in an Android keyboard with its Do-It-Yourself concept. We can create any keys layout we want.

Besides the extreme layout customization, Multiling O Keyboard also has support with almost any languages a man have held an Android device use. And all of those Multiling O Keyboard features are packed in only ~500 kB of APK size.

Unless you are someone who willing to invest a little time to learn the Multiling O Keyboard features, You may think that this keyboard is too bloated with features. Meanwhile if you enjoy decorating your Android device, then Multiling O Keyboard may be the right keyboard for you. You can make the only keyboard you can’t find anywhere except in Multiling O Keyboard.

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Great post. Yeah it really sucks to use android’s native keyboard for blogging / coding with its lack of arrow keys

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