ASUS ZenFone Live L2 ZA550KL (ASUS_X00RD) Android Smartphone Review and Specifications

Indotechboy — It’s been months I abandoned this blog 😁. Now today I will share about my new Android smartphone, it is ASUS ZenFone Live L2 ZA550KL (ASUS_X00RD).

Compared to my older Android phone Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ, the specifications of ASUS ZenFone Live L2 is admirable and superb. Not to mention the price comparison between the two smartphones, making this ASUS ZenFone Live L2 is a good deal if you’re looking for an affordable yet stylish, and modern Android smartphone.

Asus ZenFone Live L2
ASUS ZenFone Live L2 Android smartphone

ASUS ZenFone Live L2 was first announced on April this year (2019), and based on different sources it was first sold on the pre-order of around Rp. 1.199.000 (or equal to around US $84). But when I bought it from one of online marketplace in my country Indonesia, I got my ASUS ZenFone Live L2 with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage for Rp. 1.044.000 or around US $74.

In the box. So here are what I got in the box:

  • 1 Unit of ASUS ZenFone Live L2 ZA550KL (ASUS_X00RD) (Of course, what you would expect ? 🤣).
  • 1 battery charger adaptor.
  • 1 USB data cable for battery charging and data transfer.
  • 1 sim card / microSD card tray injector.
  • A warranty card with 12 months warranty service.
  • A 2 page user guide paper.

Also thanks to the seller which includes a few accessories like tempered glass, waterproof phone bag, and ring holder as a bonus 😁.

ASUS ZenFone LIVE L2 ZA550KL (ASUS_X00RD) specifications

device name ASUS ZenFone Live L2 ZA550KL (ASUS_X00RD).
battery Non removable Li-ion 3000 mAh.
camera 5 MP + 13 MP.
graphic Qualcomm Adreno 505, OpenGL 3.2.
memory / storage 2 GB RAM / 16 GB internal storage, extendable with microSD card up to 2 TB (wow 😲).
network Dual SIM 4G / 3G cellullar network, Bluetooth v4.0.
operating system Android 8.0 Oreo 64-bit with ZenUI 5.0.
processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 with 64-bit Octa-Core @1.40 GHz.
screen size 5.5 inches, 720×1440 px, 18:9 screen ration, 89% screen to body ratio.
sensor Accelerometer, Proximity, Light, Magnetometer, Compass.

My consideration when bought ASUS ZenFone Live L2

So a few days ago I was very dilemma choosing my next smartphone. Comparing the money I have left, the candidates fell to Infinix Smart 3 Plus, Evercoss U6B, Meizu C9, and this Asus ZenFone Live L2.

Finally I choose ZenFone Live L2 following these considerations:

  • Specifications. Meizu C9 kicked out from the list because the processor power seems is the lowest between those devices above (Quadcore @ 1.3 Ghz). Although Meizu C9 price is the cheapest between them, it was sold around Rp. 800.000 or around US $57.
  • Official warranty. In this case, how easy it is to reach the service center and claim the device warranty. Infinix lost in this, as it is still a new brand and it’s relatively hard to find the service center. Different with ASUS that already has a huge numbers of service centers across provinces in my country. And, my ASUS ZenFone Live L2 is also has “made in Indonesia” label that made me feel more comfortable 😁.
  • Global brand. And now it just left two candidates, Evercoss U6B and the ASUS ZenFone Live L2. Finally I chose ASUS ZenFone Live L2 because ASUS smartphones already well known worldwide, in hope I can write more articles or tutorial about this phone that has broader reader audiences 😀.

ASUS ZenFone Live L2 ZA550KL (ASUS_X00RD) Android smartphone review

ASUS ZenFone Live L2 homescreen
ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android phone Zen Launcher homescreen
ASUS ZenFone Live L2 app drawer
ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android phone Zen Launcher application drawer
ASUS ZenFone Live L2 notification areal
ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Notification area User Interface
ASUS ZenFone Live L2 internal storage
ASUS Zenfone Live L2 Android phone internal storage space. Note that I have installed one game here that taken 200 MB.

Well, i have using my ASUS ZenFone Live L2 for 1 week when this post was first published, so far this Android smartphone is great.

The battery endurance is pretty good, just like the slogan on the ASUS official website. One full battery charge could lasts up to 8 hours or longer on regular usage like browsing, watching movies, etc. By the way, it seems it take around 2.5 – 3 hours to fully charge the battery from 15% or less.

On the operating system, ASUS ZenFone Live L2 is using full Android 8.0.0 Oreo with ZenUI 5.0 user interface. 7 GB is reserved by the Android system itself, so we still have 7 GB empty space on our internal storage.

If we are able managed to root our ASUS ZenFone Live L2 device, then maybe we can delete the bloatware (system applications) that came with this device, especially the Google Apps that has huge sizes. Me? No thank you, I still have no plan to root my ASUS ZenFone Live L2 yet because I want to keep my warranty service 😁.

ASUS ZenFone Live L2 camera shot
Click to enlarge image. Photo taken from my ASUS Zenfone Live L2 ZA550KL (ASUS_X00RD) Android phone. Note the image quality may not at it’s best because the room was low lights intensity.

The body design is cool. I don’t know much about design jugdgement (more like I care less about a device appearance 😁), but yeah just like I have read on other sources, I kind also agree that ASUS ZenFone Live L2 has a premium appearance for it’s cheap price.

Gaming. Here it is the most asked question probably, it is how ASUS ZenFone Live L2 could handle gaming? Well, I don’t plan to use this phone for gaming, as my main usage for now on this phone is for general activities like browsing, multimedia, and also for blogging & coding sometimes.

Harvest Moon Light of Hope Android game
Harvest Moon Light of Hope Android game on my ASUS ZenFone Live L2 ZA550KL (ASUS_X00RD)

For now I only have installed one game on this phone, it is Harvest Moon Light of Hope. Harvest Moon Light of Hope is run smoothly without any lag on my ASUS ZenFone Live L2 ZA550KL (ASUS_XOORD). But I will update this post if I have a chance later when I have played more games and game emulators 😀.

Cons of ASUS ZenFone Live L2 ZA550KL (ASUS_X00RD) Android phone

For now the only thing that give negative point to this ASUS ZenFone Live L2 Android phone for me is the speaker output location that placed on the bottom of the phone. This feels uncomfortable when we holding the phone in landscape mode, usually the bottom of the phone will be covered by our right fingers thus blocking the sound output. I think this is where the ring holder accessories bonus I got play in 🤣.

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