How to Have Multiple Wallpapers on Your Android Home Screens

Want to have different wallpapers for each of your homescreen pages on your Android device? Sure there may be no direct way to do this (as far as I know), but there are a couple of workaround (and it’s tested worked) where you could achieve this, different wallpaper everytime you swipe your homescreen!

Indotechboy — Hello to all Android enthusiast! Now on this I will share a great tips and trick, well basically it’s based on my own experience 😀, it’s on how to have multiple wallpapers on our Android device homescreen.

Want to have different wallpapers set for your each homescreen pages? That would be nice. On the left page of your Android device homescreen is a “work page”. Here you placed anything work-related apps and widgets like your schedule, notes, etc. And then you can set, ummm… maybe a “bookshelf” or your school / office picture as the background wallpaper 😀.

On your right page of your Android device homescreen is a “hobby page”. You placed games, media apps, etc and maybe set your favorite character from a game / movie as the background wallpaper 😀.

And finally on your Android device default homescreen page, maybe you want to set the background wallpaper to something that could calm you everytime you unlock your device, maybe like a nature, or your partner picture 😉 ?

Multiple wallpapers Android homescreen
Multiple wallpapers Android homescreen

Although there are no built-in setting in Android to achieve like those above (nor it is available on most generic 3rd party launchers), but there are a couple ways so we can have different wallpapers set to each of our Android device homescreen pages.

So, based on my long and deep researchs 🧐, here they are some tips and trick on how to have different background wallpapers set on each of our Android device homescreen pages…

1. Using MultiPicture Live Wallpaper Android app

The first method is by using a specialized Android app that do created for this purpose, to have different wallpapers displayed everytime we swipe our homepages, it is MultiPicture Live Wallpaper.

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper basically are act as a live wallpaper. To apply MultiPicture Live Wallpaper to your Android device homescreen, go change your wallpaper. Then when you are selecting the wallpaper source (example like is it from gallery, system wallpaper, etc…), choose Live wallpaperMultiPicture Live Wallpaper.

Next on the MultiPicture Live Wallpaper user interface, we can adjust various settings like wallpaper size, filters, etc… We even can set the transition animation between wallpaper changes.

2. Using Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is one of most popular launcher in the Android market with more than 10 millions download. Buzz Launcher is known for it’s high customizability and the only launcher I know that has a feature to set different wallpapers on each of homescreen pages.

So the deal is, in Buzz Launcher we can create individual pages for our Android device homepage we can customize as we like like adjusting the layout, applying custom elements like blocks and texts, including but not limited to set custom background wallpaper for each pages.

3. Using widget overlapping trick

Android homescreen widget overlapping illustration
Android homescreen widget overlapping illustration

This trick need two things:

  1. An image widget.
  2. A compatible launcher that has the ability to do widget overlapping on the homescreen.

For the first one, we need an app that has a feature to generate an image widget. Some examples are:

  • On my Samsung Galaxy V Android phone stock ROM, the built-in Gallery app has an image widget. I can select an image / picture, then attach it to my homepage using the widget.
  • Zooper Widget. We can create almost any custom widget we want using Zooper Widget. And we can also create a custom block widget and use any image as the widget background.

For the second one, here are some launcher that I found has the ability / option to do widget overlapping:

Time to work it out. Basically this trick will not be a real background wallpaper to your homepage, but it’s still better than nothing 😀. Example here below are using Nova Launcher:

  1. Add the widget image using the image you want to an empty screen on your Android device homepage.
  2. Resize the widget to stretch the whole space.
  3. Next on the launcher, for me here on the Nova Launcher setting, enable the option to allow widget overlapping.
  4. Done! Now just add the apps or other widgets you want to add the homescreen by just placing it on top of the image widget we have added because now we can overlap any elements on top of each other.

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