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Indotechboy — Did you know about an Android app called Lucky Patcher? If you say no then you are a noob into Android hacking world. But today, brace yourself to get to know Lucky Patcher (APK) Android app and entering the Android Underworld! Mwahahahahah >:-)

Lucky Patcher (APK) is an all-in-one root-needed Android app with numerous tools packed in one app. Although the most popular and most-seek feature by people from Lucky Patcher is indeed the in-app purchase hack, a hack into an Android app/game to get in-app purchase items for free.

Lucky Patcher Android app icon Long long ago, Lucky Patcher (APK) Android app was shared through Android communities like XDA forum. But maybe because there are many groups who dislike Lucky Patcher existencies (especially Android application and game developers, LoL 😀 ), Lucky Patcher now only exist and can passed to Android enthusiast through small/regional communities and personal websites (like my Blog).

To summarize this occassion on what the hell I was talking blabbing nonsense, here are the three major things people or you might seek from Lucky Patcher Android app:

  • Android app in-app purchase hack (we can get items like premium features, money, game currencies for free, WOW!).
  • Remove annoying ads in Android applications.
  • Remove Google license verification from an Android app, so the paid applications can be installed for free on our Android device with passing the verification process.

The following requirements is needed before you install and run Lucky Patcher (APK) app on your Android device:

  • Rooted Android device.
  • Android version 2.3 or higher.
  • A little bit of knowledge about Android system will be very useful when using Lucky Patcher.
  • Backup, is strongly recommended.
  • Brain :v .

There are many functions and tools packed in Lucky Patcher Android app. If you understand or familiar with Android hacking and modding, you will understand by yourself all of the tools includen in Lucky Patcher. So at this post, I will only summarize about how to use or activate popular Lucky Patcher features.

Lucky Patcher Android app home UI
Lucky Patcher Android app patch menu

Lucky Patcher Android app info

app title Lucky Patcher
developer Chelpus
category Tool
system requirements Android 2.3 and higher
tested on Android phone: Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

How to activate free in-app purchase hack in Android application or game using Lucky Patcher

The most popular amongst popular features of Lucky Patcher, the in-app purchase hack. Get in-app purchases in Android application like premium features, game currency like gold, remove ads, etc!

  1. Open Lucky patcher app.
  2. Tap on “Switches”.
  3. Tick the “Google billing emulation” so the switch turned green.

How to block ads on all Android application and game using Lucky Patcher

Blocking the bloating ads in Android applications can easily be done using Lucky Patcher.

  1. Open Lucky Patcher app.
  2. Tap “Toolbox” -> “block ads” -> “block ads on device”.
  3. If you experience some errors on Google apps like Play Store, Play Game, etc. Go to Lucky patcher “Toolbox” menu -> “block ads” -> “clear the local host file”.

How to activate License Verification hack for Android application and game using Lucky Patcher

If you trying to install an Android app that has license verification check from outside of Play Store, you may will get “Application not installed”. Lucky Patcher could patch the Android app/game to remove this license verification too:

  1. Open Lucky Patcher app.
  2. Tap on “Switches”.
  3. Tick the “Google license verification emulation”.

Now, it’s time to patch the Android app using Lucky Patcher

After we have activate the to, now the second steps is we must apply the patch on the Android application that you want to hack on it:

  1. Open Lucky Patcher app. First you may want to tap on “Switches” on the bottom, then tap the “Set switches to default”. We do this because sometimes Lucky Patcher patch switches become messed up to how it should not to be.
  2. Look for the Android application you want to patch and tap it.
  3. Tap “Menu of patches”.
  4. Choose what you want to be hacked for the Android application, is it the in-app purchase, license verification, removing Google ads, etc. -> Apply the patch.
  5. Now open the app to test it 🙂 .

Lucky Patcher Android app free in app purchase pop up

Remember, different Android app may will need different patching methods, so you may need to experiment yourself to find the right patch method for an Android app. And one more thing to keep in mind, Lucky Patcher may won’t work on online games 😉

Lucky Patcher + Xposed

If you have Xposed Installed, it even could be easier to apply Lucky Patcher to every installed Android applications on your device. Just activate the “Lucky Patcher patch plus” module in Xposed setting then open Lucky Patcher app, tap the top bar menu -> “Xposed setting” -> Choose what patch you want to apply. By this, you don’t need to patch every Android application manually anymore.

Lucky Patcher Android app all-in-one app management tool

Besides the well known functions of Lucky Patcher Android app mentioned above, Lucky Patcher also has some of extended function included in its menu called “Toolbox”.

Here they are some of the Lucky Patcher Toolbox menu people might rarely know exist inside Lucky Patcher Android app:

  • Batch operations: Backup applications APK, move applications to SD card, move applications to internal storage, uninstall applications, freeze/disable applications, defrost/enable frozen/disabled applications, integrate system apps updates to /system
  • Block Ads: Turn of Google Ads service, Block Ads on device, Unblock Ads on device, Clear the local ‘hosts’ file.
  • Direcory binder.
  • Patch to Android: Set signature verification to always true, Disable .apk signature verification, Disable signature verification in the package manager.
  • Install modded Google Play Store.
  • ODEX all system applications.
  • Clear Dalvik Cache and reboot.
  • Select default install location on Android Kitkat and older.

Lucky Patcher APK Android app updates changelogs

[ v. 7.4.8 | 23/10/2018 ]

  • Mod Market to Google Play 12.2.13 updated
  • Translations updated
  • Bugs fixed
[ v. 7.3.8 | 01/8/2018 ]
  • Major update. Many new features and translations added.
  • Fix filter for android 6+
  • Translations updated
  • Bugs fixed
[ v. 6.5.2 | 04/7/2017 ]
  • Many new features added compared to older versions
  • Update custom patches
  • Update translations
  • Bugs fixed
[ v. 6.1.5 | 12/3/2015 ]
  • Fix android patch for Disable signature verification in the package manager for CM13 arm
  • Translation updated
  • Custom patches updated
  • Bugs fixed
[ v. 6.0.7 ]
  • Update translation
  • Update custom patches
  • Bugs fixed

Lucky Patcher APK Android application download link

This post is impossible without:
– Chelpus, The developer of Lucky Patcher Android application.

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