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Indotechboy — MariaDB Database Server (APK) is an Android app that allow us to install and run MariaDB Database or MySQL server locally on our Android device.

MariaDB Server Android application icon Nowadays, learning or even developing website can be done anywhere, even using only Android device (read: phone). Installing a Database is a must if you want to build a full functionally website app or just for learning purpose.

"Why MariaDB, not MySQL?" From what I have read, there aren't any significant differences between MariaDB and MySQL except their extension and how we execute the codes in our PHP script (MariaDB only supported by PDO).

For your info, MariaDB itself is an open source project initiated by the founder of MySQL with mission to create a better and faster database.

MariaDB server android select server version

MariaDB Database Server Android application info

app title MariaDB Database Server
publisher Tautvydas Andrikys
category Tool
system requirements Android 4.1 and higher
tested on Android phone: Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

Quoted from the developer:

MariaDB (version 10.1+, it is MySQL fork) Server for Android, totally free.


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How to install and run MariaDB Database Server on your Android device

  1. Download and install MariaDB Database Server Android app on your Android device. You can download it for free on Play Store, but if you need APK file you can find the link at the end of this post.
  2. Now open MariaDB Database Server app. The first time you open it, you will be provided with all list of MariaDB server versions available. You can download other versions, or just choose and install the latest version provided that come with the app.
  3. Choose MariaDB database server you want to install and wait until the installation is done (this could take a while).
  4. Done! Now you can connect to the database server in your website project using address: localhost:3306 . But one more thing, don't forget to hit "Start Server" button on the bottom in the app 😀

If you want to install phpMyAdmin to manage your Database using PHP, you can check the tutorial here: How to Setup Integrated Local Web Server on Android with PHP and SQL using Esminis Server Apps.

MariaDB Database Server Android app update changelog

v. 1.6.1-arm (18/8/2018)

  • Minor fixes and update
  • ! Database import / export and data directory backup / restore
  • ! From now on notification while server is running cannot be disabled (for better stability and compatibility with Android P)
  • ! Network fallback – now you can choose what to do when main network address becomes unavailable (switch to other address, stop server, …)
  • ! Log settings – now you can choose how to record app logs, where to save them and how long keep them Redesign of forms

v. 1.5.0-arm (31/12/2017)

  • ! New user interface – with more info (server file-system paths / descriptions, more verbose logging, … )
  • Doze / sleep mode support
  • WiFi lock while server is running (only on Android 6+ devices)
  • Added Croatian, Ukrainian, Chinese Hong Kong and Vietnamese translations (big thanks to translators)
  • Other minor updates / fixes

MariaDB Database Server APK Android app download link

MariaDB Database Server Android app is available for free on Play Store. Rate it and give it nice comment if you think the app is useful.

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