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Indotechboy – Hello to all Androidders from all over the world (what’s up with that calling 🤔). Now today, I want to share another great Xposed module, it is called “App Settings” Android app (APK).

Actually, App Settings is one of legendary xposed module. One point where App Settings became like that in my opinion, is because App Settings Xposed module was made by the inventors of the Xposed Framework itself, Tungstwenty@XDA and rovo89@XDA (aside from it was last updated 4 years ago 😀).

But I only recentlly know about App Settings xposed module when I was looking a way for how to change the screen DPI on my Android phone only for individual app without overriding the system default screen DPI.

Basicly, App Settings Xposed module is an Android app that allow us to control the installed application generic settings or behaviour.

For example if you want to make your favorite Android app display bigger or smaller, we can adjust the screen related setting for the app like the DPI (Dots Per Inch). The smaller a DPI, will make your Android app display more elements thus make your Andoid device screen looks bigger.

Or you installed an Android app from outside of Play Store and you found suspicious permissions on the app that could risk your privacy? You can block the permission for every individual application too.

And there are many more app generic settings we can adjust on each indivual apps like force the language, status bar mode, notification priority to reduce the possibility the app will be killed by the Android OOM (Out Of Memory), etc.

And most great things, just like we can expect from the power of Xposed, is that all changes can affect immediately without rebooting our Android device.

App settings Xposed module Android app main user interface
App settings Xposed module Android app options

Nova Launcher display before and after the screen DPI settings changed using App Settings Xposed module Android app:

Nova Launcher 240 DPI using App Settings Xposed module Android app
Nova Launcher on 240 DPI
Nova Launcher 180 DPI using App Settings Xposed module Android app
Nova Launcher on 180 DPI

App Settings Xposed module Android app info

app title App Settings
developer Tungstwenty@XDA, rovo89@XDA
category Tool, Xposed
system requirements Xposed framework installed, Android 4.4 and higher
tested on Android phone: Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

App Settings Xposed module Android app description

Quoted from the developer:

This mod targets settings which all apps share, such as the language, what permissions they require, what is the DPI for rendering, the perceived screen size (which affects the alternate resources that are loaded) and allows you to change those values on a per-app basis.

You can therefore have some apps rendered with a lower DPI than the default for your device in order to see more info at once (with no build.prop changes), while others might have different DPI values because their resources are not prepared for different densities. The same for the language, permissions to revoke, etc. Here’s the list of settings that can be changed for each app:

  • DPI (for rendering and resources loading) and reported screen size (to load alternate layout resources)
  • Font scale
  • Locale (language)
  • Fullscreen mode, plus Immersive mode on KitKat
  • Hide title bar
  • Keep screen on while app is visible
  • Display on top of the lockscreen
  • Stay resident in memory
  • Disable fullscreen keyboard input
  • Force orientation (portrait/landscape/auto)
  • Insistent notifications (loop the sound)
  • Prevent big / expanded notifications
  • Force or prevent ongoing notifications
  • Notifications priority
  • Exclude or force app in recents
  • Mute audio (except some apps) including notifications
  • Force using legacy (navbar) menu button
  • Revoke permission

App Settings
Xposed module Android App download link

App Settings Xposed module Android app is available for free on Donate to the developers to support them and their future updates.

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