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Indotechboy — Welcome to Android, where hack here, hack there, is your everyday business hehe. Now I will share about another hack, or crack thing and this time it is involved with Lucky Patcher Android app, it is the custom patches for Lucky Patcher Android app.

Lucky Patcher custom patches

What is custom patches in Lucky Patcher? Like we all know, Lucky Patcher is an Android app that one of its function is it can “hack” Android app, from the basic hack like removing ads, removing license verification, to the deep one for example unlock a premium feature that normally only unlocked after installing its “premium unlocker”.

In order to do the deep hack to an Android app using Lucky Patcher, one must know the “pattern”, and sure it is an advance knowledge (even I don’t know to do it, hehe 😁.

And so, another Lucky Patcher users who successfully did the deep hack to an Android app can export the hack pattern and upload it to the Lucky Patcher server, and that exported hack pattern is what called “custom patch”.

Patch / crack an Android app without root on Lucky Patcher using custom patch

One advantage using a custom patch on Lucky Pather is we can patch / hack an Android app even without root access! How it works? It is by rebuild the APK file of an Android app by applying the custom patch into it. Here are the steps:

  1. From Lucky Patcher home menu, look at the bottom menu. Choose “Rebuild & Install”.
  2. Search where you save the APK file of the Android app / game you want to hack / patch and choose it.
  3. Choose “Rebuild”.
    Lucky Patcher Android app choose rebuild
  4. IF, the custom patch for the APK of the Android app / game you selected IS AVAILABLE, there should be an option “CustomPatch-applied APK”. Choose the option.
    Lucky Patcher Android rebuild with custom patch applied
  5. Select the patch you want to apply from the available of custom patches for the app / game.
  6. Tap “Patch” and wait until done!
    Lucky Patcher Android app rebuild apk custom patch select

The modified APK file you have rebuilt with the custom patch will be saved in the Lucky Patcher working folder, default is in the sdcard/Android/data/ (XXXX is depend on the Lucky Patcher version you installed).

How to use the Lucky Patcher custom patches

Actually we can easily download / update the Lucky Patcher custom patches from Lucky Patcher menu. But sometimes (or even often), the Lucky Patcher server always have issues.

So here it is, you can download the custom patches .zip file and extract it manually by yourself to custom patch Android app / game.

  1. Download the Lucky Patcher custom patch .zip file (download link at the end of this post).
  2. Extract the Lucky Patcher .zip file.

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  3. Move all the custom patches archive extraction files content to the Lucky Patcher working folder, default is in the sdcard/Android/data/ (XXXX is depend on the Lucky Patcher version you installed).
  4. Now run Lucky Patcher, and Android apps and games with its custom patch availability will be marked in yellow color.
  5. Just select the Android app / game you want to patch, choose “Menu of Patches” –> “Custom patch”.
    Lucky Patcher Android app select custom patch
  6. Tick the custom patch you want to apply and tap “Patch” and wait until the process is done.
    Lucky Patcher Android app select apply custom patch

Update: October 25, 2018. Lucky Patcher custom patches has been updated, included but not limited to custom patches for the following Android applications and games:

  • Custom Patch For Yandex Music V2018.09.
  • Custom Patch For Chinese Poker – KK Chinese Poker (Pusoy/Piyat2x).
  • Custom Patch For BattleCat 貓咪大戰爭 V7.4.0.
  • Custom Patch For Defence Hero 2.
  • Custom Patch For Matrix calculator V2.0.8.
  • Custom Patch For NRG Player music player.
  • Custom Patch For Zombie Tsunami V3.8.7.
  • Custom Patch For Judge Dredd vs. Zombies.
  • Custom Patch For App Cloner V1.5.4.
  • Custom Patch For HTTP Injector – (SSH/Proxy/VPN) V4.3.1 (Plus).
  • And many more.

Lucky Patcher custom patches download link

LUCKY PATHER CUSTOM (2.4 MB) | Updated: 25/10/2018

All credits and respects are belong to Chelpus, the the original developer of Lucky Patcher Android application and creators of all respective custom patches.

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