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Indotechboy — My Boy! is well known as one of the best Android application to emulate and play the oldschool Gameboy Advance (GBA) games on our Android device. But did you know that My Boy! has a companion app called "Emulator Shaders" (APK)?

Emulator Shaders Android application icon Emulator Shaders (APK) Android app is a companion app we can optionally to install on our Android device. By installing the Emulator Shaders Android app, we can add cool special effects graphic filtering to the game!

As far as I know, Emulator Shaders is compatible to the emulators Android app created by "Fast Emulator" developer, they are "My Boy!" the Gameboy Advance (GBA) emulator, and "My OldBoy!" the Gameboy Color (GBC) game emulator.

The Android app game emulators created by Fast Emulator developer is know with their high performance and stability.

When this post first published, My Boy! even become the only Android app GBA emulator that has cable link emulation support, a feature where we can play multiplayers, ingame trading, etc. between two Android devices running My Boy! at the same time just like in the real Gameboy Advance (GBA) handheld game console!

Sure you can find the Emulator Shaders Android app on Play Store. But the Emulator Shaders (APK) I'm going to share is the expanded version where it have additional graphic shaders included!

The Original Emulator Shaders Android app on Play Store has not been updated since 2014. And one of the member at Reddit forum has been grandted the Emulator Shaders source code and modify it to expand the graphic shader list included.

Emulator shaders shader list

I forget who was the Reddit forum member who has mod this Emulator Shaders, because Reddit forum now has been blocked by the government at my country so I cannot access it anymore >.< . But much credit to the mod author, and I pray he become a successful and happy person :D.

Emulator Shaders Android app info

app title Emulator Shaders
developer Fast Emulator
category Action, Tool
system requirements Androd 2.3 and higher
tested on Android phone: Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

Emulator Shaders Expanded Android application description

Quoted from the developer:

This is a pack of shaders for old-school video game emulators. Copyrights are held by the respective authors.

 *NOTE*: This is not a standalone game or emulator. You will not even get an icon in the Android launcher after it is installed. Instead it works as an add-on to compatible emulators.

 Most of the shaders are converted from the work of their original authors, in order to make them work on GLES 2.0. Shader files are based on the higan XML shader format version 1.0, with slight changes and enhancements. The format itself is quite straight-forward.

Included shader list in this Emulator Shaders Expanded (v. 1.1):

  • LCD3x
  • HQ2x / HQ3x
  • Scanlines
  • Motion blur
  • Grayscale
  • 2xBR / 4xBR
  • Quilez

Without shader
Without shader

Using HQ2X shader
Using HQ2x shader
With LCD3X shader
Using LCD3x shader
With Grayscale shader
Using Grayscale shader

After you have installed the Emulator Shaders Android app, for example at Fast Emulator app like My Boy!, you can enhance your gaming experience by applying the graphic shader on the "Settings" » "Video" » "GLSL Shader".

ator Shaders APK Android app download link

Emulator Shaders Android app is available for free on Play Store. Rate it and give it nice comment if you think the app is useful

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