3 Best Manga (Comic) Apps to Read Manga Anywhere and Anytime on Your Android Device

Indotechboy — Ah it feel so long I left my Blog for months, now this blog has moved to (previously Now for the first post at the new address, I will share about the best android applications to enjoy and read manga on our Android phone…

Manga is one of comic genre that comes from Japan. There are many comic styles comes from different countries like Manhua (Chinese), Webtoon and Manhwa (Korea), etc. But personally I fell more interested to Manga. Compared to other comic genre, Manga has richness in story and drawing styles. Manga also still keeping the traditional drawing method by hand that make them natural.

Enjoying Manga on our gadget has never been easier these days. There are many websites provide as source or mirror hosts of thousands popular manga, and also the older ones. Some Manga source websites that become the 'Manga giant' websites for example but not limited to Mangafox, Mangahere, Batoto, Mangapark, etc. Your manga reader application then will take the Manga pages you stream or download from those websites.

If we search on the android app market or Play Store, surely we will find dozens of Manga android app. Most of the function from those Manga android app is same, which is you choose the Manga source, search your favorite Manga, then stream the pages or download it for offline reading.

But after I tried so many Manga reader & download apps on my Android phone, I come to a conclusion to the best 3 of Manga Android apps. So in other words, these 3 apps is my favorite applications to read and enjoy my favorite manga comics on my Android phone. The parameters I measures are:

  • Multiple sources

    Sometimes, if we refer to updatability, some manga can be found only on some sources. So having multiple sources from popular sources is a must if the app want to have many users.

  • Offline reading

    Ah… what good a manga reader app if it is not have offline reading feature, right ?.

  • User interface

    Reading your favorite manga but with horrible and hard to access interface will be a bad experience that make you cannot enjoy your reading time.

  • Developer greediness, or advertisement😀 

    We cannot blame the whole advertisement to the manga app developer, they spend much time for developing the app. And not to mention they must pay "developer fees" to Play Store.

    As long as the advertisement is unobtrusive, we must respect them for bringing a great app to enjoy our favorite manga for free on our Android device.

Best 3 Android apps to read and enjoy your favorite Manga / comic on your Android device

1. Zingbox by

Zingbox android app homepage interface
Zingbox Android app manga info interface
Zingbox Android app reading interface

Although I know Zingbox later than other Manga app, I will recommend this app as one of the best Android app for every manga lover. What the most Zingbox offers that you will not find in any other manga app is the community feature. You can join other Manga lovers from  whole world and discuss or share about the manga.

For sources, Zingbox has dozens of sources from many popular manga host websites. Offline reading is also available so you can download your favorite manga when you have internet connection and read it later.

It also has profile system where you can join Zingbox community and discuss manga & comic, backup your setting and preferences to Zingbox cloud server, or even share your own drawn manga.

Unfortunately, Zingbox will show you some amount of sufficient ads. If you want to disable the advertisement in Zingbox manga app, you can subscribe to their premium membership.

When this post is written, Zingbox Android app can't be found on Play Store. It seems they are getting banned, well it is not a surrising thing if Manga reader application is indeed will getting banned easily from the market because of copyright issue.

Download ZINGBOX Android Application v. (7.2 MB)

2. Manga Reader by Robin Studio

Manga Reader Android app popular manga section
Manga Reader Android app reading interface

I like "Manga Reader" for its simplicity. Easy to use, clean user interface, complete Manga sources from differents manga languages translations:

  • English
  • Espanol
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Indonesia
  • Francais
  • Italiano
  • Vietnamese
  • Portuguese
  • Deutsch

Those are what makes Manga Reader reached five hundreds thousand download on Play Store although i
t is just released for less than one year on Play Store when this post was first published.

If I'm not mistaken Manga Reader is also getting banned from Play Store before. But it seems it is re-released on the Play Store with different application package id.

I also rarely see advertisement in Manga Reader app when I streaming my favorite mangas on my Android phone, so it is really a nice experience to use this app as my primary Manga reader android app.

What I like the most from Manga Reader is they have a good scroll reading view where the pages are connected without separated. So it's feels nice to use Manga Reader to read webtoon or webmanga on my Android phone.

Download MANGA READER Android Application v. 1.0.apk (11.6 MB)

3. Manga Master by All free manga and comic online

Manga Master Android app homepage interface

Manga Master Android app live wallpapers section

Manga Master Android app reading interface

The last one is "Manga Master". Maybe this app relatively new compared to other two above. Manga Master has a nice user interface interface. We can change the app theme color in the setting.

I didn't saw they have many multiple sources like Zingbox or Manga Reader. Maybe there are using some kind of their internal sources instead to host the Manga pages. This could be a good thing because if something error happens on the server, then they can figure it instantly and fix it soon.

Manga Master also have a special section where they provide live wallpapers for free download. They place a sufficient amount of ads just like Zingbox, and you can subscribe to their premium plans to get ad-free and more live wallpapers.

The reading experience on my Android phone when using Manga Master is not something so pleasant for myself. Some Manga pages I downloaded are at very low resolution, and some of them normal. They also miss an important feature, it is the "switch reading mode" to switch between scroll or pages mode quickly when reading.

Well, maybe because they are still relatively new and pretty popular already with +100 thousand downloads on the Android market, Manga Master will improve the features from time to time soon.

Download MANGA MASTER Android Application v. (4.9 MB)

Now that's all the three of my  most favorites Manga reader Android app. If you have your own favorite Manga app you enjoyed on your Android device, then you can feel free share it on the comment box!

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