How to Workaround MEGA “Out of Memory” and Download Limit

Who doesn’t know Mega nowadays? Although MEGA is relatively new compared to another giant-owned cloud storage services like Google Drive or One Drive, but MEGA has gotten its popularity and risen as one of best cloud storage service.

MEGA provide free and paid version for its users. Even for free users, MEGA giving a huge storage quota of 15 GB. And not only that, MEGA provide every users with a lot of storage and transfer quota bonuses.

What make MEGA unique compared to other cloud storage services is they enhance the service by latest technologies. The storages are encrypted to make the file safer, and when you download a file from MEGA using your browser you may realize that the download process is not like any normal download process.

mega lot of storage and quota bonuses

MEGA uses browser cache to make download faster, then after the file cached it will be ready to copied to our device. The problem on downloading a file, especially huge files from MEGA directly using web browser is you may meet with browser limited cache problem. So how to solve this? The answer is nothing but to use MEGA app, it is MEGA desktop app or mobile app.

By using MEGA app, we can also workaround MEGA limited download bandwith. How we can do that? It is by using the MEGA sync features.

Use MEGA App to solve “out of memory” and limited bandwith

mega transfer limit monitoring page

Yes it was true based on my experience. People say that MEGA has a very limited download bandwith for free users. MEGA download / transfer limit is vary depend on location, server status, etc. There are info that MEGA has 1 GB or 2 GB limit every 1 hour or 6 hours.

But one day I was downloaded a game to my PC, I didn’t download it directly but instead copy or import the file to my MEGA account, then I used sync to get the file to my computer. The result is, I was able to got 5 GB of files to my computer in two hours without any limit notification at all. Of course this could be work only if the file owner make the file public, so we can import it to our MEGA cloud drive.

When you are using MEGA sync to download files to your device, make sure to set up properly the MEGA cloud storage directory (the directory where the files we want to download reside) and your device sync directory (the directory we want the files to be downloaded to) so we not sync (upload and download) unwanted files.

Using sync features also is very convenient if we are about downloading a large file from MEGA. Say we have bad internet connection or even when we are reached our transfer limit, the files sync will automatically paused and resumed when we get our internet connection back again or when our transfer limit has refreshed (if any).

MEGA desktop and mobile app download link

Download MEGA app for all platform on official MEGA site:
iOS | Android | Windows Mobile | PC (Windows/Mac/linux)

Mirror (02/4/2018):
Android (36.2 MB) | Windows (27.4 MB)

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