How to Bind Keyboard Keys and Mouse to Gamepad on Windows using Joy To Key

Playing game would never been better without a gamepad. The joyful to playing a game using a gamepad on your PC will be twice than using keyboard. But there are always a case where the Windows PC game you play doesn’t support gamepad controller or otherwise your gamepad doesn’t supported by the game. Then the solution to those case is by using Joy To Key Windows software.

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Quoted from the developer:

“JoyToKey (or Joy2Key) enables PC game controllers to emulate the keyboard and mouse input, so that windows applications and web games can be controlled with your favorite joysticks! Whenever joystick buttons and sticks are pressed, JoyToKey converts them into keyboard strokes and/or mouse movements so that the target application will work as if you are using a real keyboard and a mouse! “.

Joy To Key is a Windows app or program that allow us to bind keyboard keys to a gamepad or controller. This is pretty useful to me when I play Final Fantasy VII on my Windows Tablet because my Ipega gamepad seems not supported or when play The SIMS 2 game that not provide gamepad support.

It pretty sucks for me to play The SIMS 2 game on my Windows tablet where our hands pretty busy controlling both keyboard and mouse. Though I need took a time at first when mapping the keyboard keys to consider the best location on the gamepad because The SIMS 2 has many key functions, but the effort was worth it for a full gaming experience on my Windows tablet.

How to bind keyboard keys and mouse to gamepad on Windows using Joy To Key

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  1. First, connect your gamepad to your Windows device.
  2. Run Joy To Key program. Then click ‘File’ -> ‘New’, and enter the profile name. To make it easier, name it by the game or application you will use it in later.
  3. joy to key windows appp assignment windows

    Now for next step all you need is just to match gamepad keys with keyboard key or mouse like you want. If you press a gamepad button the key should lit up in the list, then double click it to assign a keyboard key or mouse behavior like you want. The assignment window may look a little confusing, but all the basic you only need are placed on the ‘Keyboard’ and ‘Mouse’ tab.

  4. After all keys you wanted to bind are done, don’t forget to click ‘File’ -> ‘Save’.

Joy To Key Windows software download link

System requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10.
Extract the Joy To Key archive file anywhere you like, then double click the ‘JoyToKey’ (application / exe) file to run it.

-> Download latest version of JOY TO KEY Windows app from the official website.


Joy To Key is a shareware Windows app. Support Joy To Key development by purchase the license.

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