[Debloated, Deodexed] Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ Stock ROM

Hello we meet again dear Samsung Galaxy V user 😀 . Today I want to share something different for Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ Android phone. Nope, it is not another custom ROM sorry 😀 . But now I will share the ‘de-bloated stock ROM’ for Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ Android phone.

What is that? Well, this is a custom ROM. But this ROM has been modified by doesntexist@XDA to removed all the annoying Google’s and Samsung’s system applications or we often call as bloatware. And this ROM also has been de-odexed so it is suitable for you all who are stock lover and modding lover. De-bloated = No unnecessary system applications = Saves more RAM and resource = More performance = *Twink* 😉

One more, this stock ROM is also come as pre-rooted with Clockworkmod Superuser. But when I’m tried it the root doesn’t work like I expected because I have tried the Clockworkmod Superuser before. So if you have same problem where the root doesn’t work, you can just go straight install another root binary / Supersu. I am using the Open Source PHH Superuser.

This is not an independent ROM, so you must flash this de-bloated stock ROM from your Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ stock ROM (fresh stock ROM recommended.


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De-bloated Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ stock ROM features / info

ROM title De-bloated – De-odexed stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ.
developer doesntexist@XDA
official thread / link XDA forum.
  • Unnecessary System applications (Google’s, Samsung’s) removed.
  • De-odexed (easy for theme modding, etc)
download: Google Drive

– GOOGLE APPS ARM 4.4 PICO | 8/18/2018 (126.3 MB)
download: Userscloud

Installation steps for de-bloated Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ stock ROM

  1. Boot your Samsung Galaxy V Android phone into recovery mode.
  2. Do factory reset (wiping the data, cache, and dalvik cache partitions).
  3. Now go to Install menu and install the ROM zip file, wait until it finished.
  4. (Optional) After the ROM is done installed, go to the Install menu again and install Google Apps. You can get the latest GAPPS (Google APPS) on or IF AND ONLY IF you confuse, you can download the one I provide on the ‘download link’ section above.
  5. After everything is finish installed, finally boot up your Samsung Galaxy V Android phone. Done!

Known bugs (Bugs, Solution, and Answer):

  • B: Root not worked?
    S: Install another root binary (re-root your Samsung Galaxy V phone). I prefer the PHH Superuser. I like it because it is open sourced. And most important, it worked on my Samsung Galaxy V, the opposites of Clockwokmod Superuser 😀 .
  • B: ’Phone’ or ‘Message’ apps force closed?
    S: We could just freeze the ‘Message’ and ‘Contact’ apps (Hint: you can use Link2SD app to easily do that). Then download another phone and message application from Play Store. I am using Contact+ app, I like it because it have phone, contact, and message features integrated in that one app.
  • B: Android force close when un-installing apps?
    A: Not a big problem. The app will still be successfully uninstalled anyway. And you don’t uninstalling apps every hours on every days don’t you? 😀 .

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