How to Easily Download File on Mediafire from Mobile Phone using Opera Mini

Cloud file hosting services numbers are growing so fast these days. They present to answer the needs of netizen to host and share files with others, especially on mobile platform. And one of most popular free cloud file hosting services is Mediafire.

Mediafire trusted by million users because their easy to use User Interface and they not placing ‘the trap ads’ (Pop up advertisement), well it’s based on my experience that I never experienced a pop up advertisement when downloading files from Mediafire.

But there is just one annoying bug when I was download a file from Mediafire some times ago. Mediafire always gave me error / downloaded a weird file when I downloaded the file using my Android smartphone.

I have tried to use different browser from Chrome, Firefox, to stock browser of my Android smartphone. But at that time I was no luck. I was downloaded a zip file on Mediafire at that time, when I was trying to extract the file it always failed and give a corrupt message. But, evidently my problem with Mediafire solved by the little Opera Mini.

Now here’s the steps to easily and successfully download a file from Mediafire file hosting service on my Android smartphone using Opera Mini browser. Note that i tried it using “Opera Mini”, I don’t know if the “Opera Browser” is work too because I never tried using “Opera Browser”.

Steps how to easily download file from Mediafire on mobile phone using opera Mini browser

  1. First, download and install /or update the latest version of your Opera Mini browser application. If you haven’t installed it, you can visit to download and install the latest version of Opera Mini.
  2. Open the Opera Mini browser app, then go to the Opera Mini menu, select “Data savings” menu, then enable the “Extreme mode”.
    opera mini enable extreme mode
  3. Now go to “Settings”, scroll down and find “Page layout”, then enable the “Single column view”.
    opera mini select page layout

    opera mini enable single column view
  4. Done! Now access the file you want to download on Mediafire. The download button is the “download…” text with green background. And see yourself if you still get an error file 😀 .
    download button mediafire opera mini single column view

That’s it. Hope this trick can help when you get an error file or corrupted file on Mediafire. Mediafire still become a reliable file hosting services trusted by different communities from developers to bloggers because Mediafire has a nice and clean interface when users accessed it from mobile device. Again, plus it has no annoying ads 😀 .

Hope Mediafire staff fixed that bug soon. Or maybe it is already fixed? Because I haven’t downloaded file from Mediafire again recently 😀 .

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