How to Open Dekstop Version Gmail from Opera Mini

Gmail is the most popular e-mail service in the world. That fact is because Gmail is one of part of the biggest search engine giant: Google. As I know until now, Gmail have four different versions that user can access based on his browser and device: Lite mobile version (old), Lite desktop version, Smart device version, and New desktop version.

Accessing and reading e-mail from mobile devices is way more convenient from smart devices like Android smartphone, iOS, or tablets. If we use smartphone or tablets, we can use the link at the bottom of Gmail to switch between Lite mobile version, smart version, and even desktop version.

On the other hand if we access Gmail from old mobile devices or using lite browser we will be given the lite mobile version instead by Gmail with no way we can switch version using options.

If we open Gmail from old mobile device or using lite mobile browser like Opera Mini or UC Browser (UC Browser Mini on smartphones and tablets), there some elements of the opened e-mail that missing and not showed. Moreover, the e-mail displayed looks crumbled.

gmail version mobile xhtml lite
(mobile xhtml version of gmail)

gmail version desktop with one column view in mobile
(desktop version gmail with ‘one column view’ enabled in Opera Mini browser)

gmail version desktop will full view in mobile
(desktop version gmail with ‘one column view’ disabled in Opera Mini browser)

And now, I will share you how to switch from the old or lite mobile version of Gmail to the lite desktop version so you can read e-mail with all elements full displayed on your old mobile device. It is also useful on smartphones like Android for you who are prefer to use lite browsers like Opera Mini or UC Browser Mini to save data charge.

Steps how to change lite mobile version of Gmail to Desktop view of Gmail easily

  1. Access Gmail on using your browser (eg: Opera Mini or UC Browser).
  2. To access the desktop Gmail version, we just simply need to change one character from the URL address. The character is: from x to h
  3. Look at the address bar, you will see the gmail URL address you accessing which more or less will be like:
  4. Then edit that URL so it will become:
  5. Done! Access that URL and voila! You will get the desktop version of Gmail.

Got it right? just replace the bold red “x” character with “h” character, then access that URL address… It’s so easy right? Haha 😀 .

Well, actually I was digging back my post archive that I was posted back then on the old days when I was using MyWapBlog as my mobile blogging platform. And I found this “How to switch mobile version Gmail to desktop version Gmail” post file. I think this tutorial still be handy even ’till now 😀 .

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