How to Use Cheat Engine on Android GTA Games using Cleo Gold APK

Ahh… Grand Theft Auto or we often called it as GTA is just a spectacular game. Stealing vehicle, smack peoples, doing job as a taxi driver or maybe as a pizza boy 😀 , and adventure through different cities while doing missions. An absolute roll in every GTA games, starting from the bottom to climb the ladder as an elite criminal. Ohhh, that was such beautiful days on my life :,D .

I still remember the first time I was start to know and playing my first ever GTA games, it was GTA Vice City on my Sony Playstation 2 console when I was on elementary school. The progress of technology is so fast advancing and today we even can play those great concept, all-in-one adventure packaged, and open world GTA games on our mobile devices such as Android or iOS phone.

And one important factor that bring GTA games awesome is the ease to use cheats. We just need press R1 + R2 + L1 + X + LEFT + DOWN + RIGHT + UP + LEFT + DOWN + RIGHT + UP and voilaaa we get full health, a bullet protection, and a 150.000 US Dollars. Such a tough life 😀 .

But it is in the console version to use cheats, how to use those cheats if we playing GTA games in a touchscreen smartphone or device like Android that not have buttons? Don’t worry, you still can use all those memorable and most favorites cheats on GTA games when you playing on your Android device like it was in the console like Playstation, using an Android app called Cleo Gold APK.

Cleo Gold APK is an Android app cheat engine injector for GTA Android games. It is bundled by cheats codes for three title of GTA game on Android, it is GTA Sand Andreas, GTA Vice City, and GTA III. However root is required to inject the cheat engine on our Android device.


Steps how to install Cleo Gold APK GTA cheats engine on Android

  1. Download and install the Cleo Gold APK app (download link at the end of this post). Open the app, and don’t forget to give it superuser rights.
  2. Example when we want to add the cheat engine to GTA San Andreas game, then choose GTA SA. Then to check if the installation is possible on your Android device, tap “Check”. If your Android device is possible to install Cleo, then it will appear “installation is possible” message, otherwise your Android device is not supported (sorry :p ).
  3. Tap “Install” to start the Cleo installation on your GTA game.
  4. After the installation is successful, you can tap on “Install Script” menu to install the ‘starter cheats’ to be summoned on game. Choose the cheats you like. Tap “Manage Script” to see and manage your currently installed cheats script.
  5. Now play the GTA game. To summon the cheats menu is very easy. When you are playing in the game, swipe up from the middle top to middle bottom of your device screen, then cheats list will appear. Cheat now! 😀

  6. Remember I said those cheats are ‘starter cheats’? Yes, you fill find more awesome and spectacular GTA Cleo cheats script out there. Seek it on websites like GTA forums. The cheats file format for GTA games on Android is .csi, .csa, and .fxt and you must copy those cheat files you get to SdCard/Android/data/com.rockstar…(depend of what GTA game you are playing) folder.

Cleo Gold APK gta cheater Android app download link

# CLEO GOLD v. 1.1.0.apk (513 kb)

The Cleo Gold APK Android app above is purposed for testing only, so you don’t need to wasting times and money for testing. If Cleo Gold is work on your Android device, buy the Cleo Gold APK Android app from Play Store to support the developer.

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